Many have made prophetic ministry appear super spiritual, mystical, sometimes scary, and other times, well, kinda flaky. Lately, there has been an affront to prophetic ministry with much talk about how to authenticate it that is well… Bunk! All this has done is create distance, confusion, skepticism and often hinders people from welcoming or accepting the ministry of a prophet. So here is a quick glance at what prophetic ministry should be…

The modern day prophet is simply a humble being that was selected by God to make known His heart to people. Prophets are a voice that bridge the future and, at times, the past to the present. They catch glimpses of God’s plans and intentions, but do not necessarily understand everything they “see.”

True prophetic ministry grows in grace and anointing to utilize the gift and/or to answer the call. They are to be students of the Scripture, too many today feel the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit supersedes the Word of God and that is inaccurate and can lead those prophesying to err. Prophecy is to align with the Word and since the Holy Spirit is the inspiration of the Word, He illuminates the Word, within to provide guidelines much like a pilot has a flight plan.

There are different levels of prophecy. We all have the spirit of prophecy, others have the gift of prophecy and some are called to the office of prophet with each level comes greater authority and greater responsibility. There are different strengths of anointing of the prophet as well. Some are administrative, some are worshipers, while others are scribes, etc. I know prophets whose strengths are healing and miracles, where others are in deliverance, some are stronger in activation and impartation, and others confirmation. In over 20 years of prophetic ministry I have never met anyone who was strong in all.

The modern day prophet is to equip others with perception and to hear the “secrets” of God and reveal them to humankind by whatever means possible. Prophets have a strong gift of discernment and can see what is oppressing/hindering an individual, a family, a church, a city, a region, a nation. They will challenge the status quo the purpose is always to turn people to the Lord God.

In closing, I share Isaiah 46:10: Declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet done, Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, And I will do all My pleasure’…

God has already been where you’re going!! The eternal God who has set your days in order works from your future back to your present … So when He speaks to you, whether personally or through a prophet, about doing something in your present its to align you with what He has designed and destined for your future… He knows the way so trust Him!!”


In this section of our website you will find our Prophetic revelation archive. One of the rights and privileges of every believer is to hear the voice of the One who formed and fashioned them, who created them to fulfill the plans and purposes of their heavenly Father. We, at Firestarter Ministries International, have a desire to engage, equip, and empower the NEW Breed of Reformer to walk in their spiritual giftings and to release the heart of the Father in the earth realm. 


May 8, 2020

While in prayer today, I had a vision, and this was the vision.

I saw several channels on a television very quickly, like someone was just hitting the channel up button as fast as they could, and on every channel I saw men and women from news agencies and Washington, D.C. talking and as they spoke I saw hands reaching through the television and begin to squeeze the heads and squeeze the throats of those who were watching.

It is here that I realized there are many under the attack of divination. The spirit of divination has been sent against the nations, and more specifically the church, in order to create feelings of depression, oppression, hopelessness, and to ultimately silence the church.

And I heard the Lord say, “There are many false prophets who have been raised up, who have a secular platform, in order to sow confusion in the world and in My church; but, know that I am fighting on your behalf. I am fighting for your peace of mind. The enemy is constricting and squeezing; but, I am loosening his grip. All constriction that is attempting to choke the voice of My people, My church, My prophets, that is endeavoring to keep them from speaking My words, from saying what they need to say, is being broken now. There is a new boldness coming to My people. This is not the time to be fearful of man!”

(Let me stress, that the “false prophets” I saw were not IN the church; but, IN the financial, governmental, and entertainment arenas, more specifically, the news media. These people were assigned to declare a false narrative, in conjunction with government officials, to constrict people’s rights and choke out the church.)

This all reminded me of Acts 16 where Paul and Silas encounter the slave girl who operated with a spirit of divination. “Now it happened as we went to prayer, that a slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us” – Acts 16:16

Paul and Silas encounter a young woman who “prophesied” to them through what Luke calls a “spirit of divination.”

The most famous ancient oracle (prophetic center) at this time was in the city of Delphi, Greece and was known as the “Oracle at Delphi.” At the height of its popularity, the prophetic oracle at Delphi maintained three priestesses/prophetesses who offered advice and counsel through a spirit of divination to a continual stream of visitors including generals and government officials.

One characteristic of the Oracle at Delphi is that it was self-induced. Preceding their “prophetic functions”, the priestesses would get herself and the people into a hyped and frenzied state.

Luke uses the term, “spirit of divination”, regarding this slave girl because what she said would get the people in a frenzied state and spoke in part truths. Satan and demons have some knowledge and will reveal their “secrets” in order to impress and draw people into their destructive web. Only our God, however, is omniscient, i.e., all knowing.

The thing to keep in mind are the traits of a false prophet under a spirit of divination:

1. It loves to flatter and be flattered.

The prophecy of this young woman was not given to encourage or affirm, but to flatter. We all need to give and receive affirmation and encouragement, but flattery is insincere and self-serving. So many today, including leaders, are so starved for affirmation and approval that they are vulnerable to the flattery’s of a deceiving spirit

2. It demands attention.

The slave girl followed Paul and the others for “many days” continually giving forth her prophecy. Beware of those who use false prophecy to thrust themselves into the limelight. Scripture is very clear that the Holy Spirit is in the earth to draw attention to Jesus. John 16:14.

3. It loves to be seen and heard.

This is indicated by the fact that she kept putting herself at the center of attention. Note those who use false prophecy to make themselves the center of attention.

4. It wants to be important.

This is indicated by the fact that she directed her prophesying to the leaders of this new movement. Beware of those who use false prophecy to gain status with pastors and leaders.

5. There is often a monetary motive involved.

This young slave girl was raking in a lot of money for her masters. Paul and Silas were arrested, beaten and thrown in jail because they distinguished between the true and the false and cast out the spirit. Nonetheless, they refused to compromise and God sent an earthquake, physically and spiritually, and turned the situation completely around.

Does this not describe what many in the media and our government do in order to manipulate the masses?!

God is looking for people who will stand for truth in this hour.

In closing, remember the words of David in Psalm 118, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever… When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; He brought me into a spacious place. The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? The Lord is with me; He is my Helper. I look in triumph on my enemies.”

So stand up. The Lord hasn’t given you a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and a sound mind, He has given you His mind. Be a voice of the Lord. Speak for the things of God, and don’t let the enemy oppress you, constrict you, or hold you back.


April 27, 2020

We are living in a time of incredible natural and spiritual intensity. There is a very clear battle raging, not just for the souls of men and women; but, for the souls of entire nations. We see corruption being exposed on every level in the political realm, in the media, in the judicial system, in our governmental institutions like the FBI, the CIA, the FDA. In our economic world we see big banking institutions, the pharmaceutical companies, being exposed for their collusion with political figures and national leaders. And through it all, it would appear as if, for some, the veil of  disillusionment has been removed while for others it has only deepened.

For the believer, this is not the time to draw back or shirk our responsibilities. We must understand that, every word and action counts for something both here and now and in the light of eternity. This is a time of choices, where those choices literally mean life or death.

At the head of the year I shared a prophetic word for 2020/5780, some of things are highlighted here:

“As we look to 2020 and beyond, we need to understand that we are entering a new decade, a new era, naturally and spiritually. Any time we enter something new we will contend with opposition, … the enemy has no intention of giving anything away,  we are going to have to continue to fight, we are going to have to continue to contend, for our promises, our blessings, our purpose, and our destiny … 2020 is going to be the beginning of seeing victory after victory, the light of God shining through, and incredible harvest!”

“5780: This is a year of the mighty decree, and as you decree His Word ahead of time, He will come in great power to rescue and restore all that has been lost or stolen.

“5780/2020 holds a divine invitation for all of us to open our mouth and decree the word of God … to  set His plan in motion … This will be a year of increased intercession, prayer and declaration, and it will result in rapid answers and harvest.”

“Our society equates the numbers 2020 or 20/20 with perfect vision … one passage for 2020 the Lord gave is 2 Chronicles 20:20, “Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper”. When we combine perfect sight with God’s decree … the atmosphere shifts and the opportunity for the miraculous happens. Creative power is released through our mouths … to create powerful shifts in culture. One properly discerned vision from God which is decreed … can shift governments, entire people groups and even nations.”

What we are seeing in the world should excite us not terrify us! We are literally seeing the hand of God move in concert with the intercession of His people!

God has released a spirit of intercession upon His people. This anointing is to root out and pull down the gates and walls of the enemy. The intense and faithful prayers of these individuals mixed with their willingness to move in obedience to the Lord’s direction has caused a dismantling and shaking of old established corrupt systems.

We are seeing those in positions of influence and power who refuse to listen and repent, those who have kept their people in bondage, are experiencing massive shakings. Exposure after exposure has come to these corrupt individuals who thought they were too protected and entrenched either through bribes or intimidation. One by one these individuals are finding themselves falling out of power, going to prison, and, in some cases, dying.

In this new season the interceding church has not only been given the anointing to root out, and tear down, but to build and plant. If we root out, but do not plant, then as the Lord admonished in the parable of the clean house, “When an evil spirit leaves a person, it goes into the desert, seeking rest but finding none. Then it says, ‘I will return to the person I came from.’ So it returns and finds its former home empty, swept, and in order. Then the spirit finds seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they all enter the person and live there. And so that person is worse off than before. That will be the experience of this evil generation.” Matthew 12:43-45.

It is imperative that we intercede beyond the tearing down of these old established systems and pray into the structures and systems that need to form afterward. We must intercede for new leaders and effective systems to be put in place that will build up the nations.

Just as God has released a spirit of intercession upon His church the enemy has released a spirit of accusation against it. You can see it and hear it everywhere. You can sense those who have been in the presence of the Lord and have engaged with His Spirit of intercession and you can sense those who have been engulfed by the spirit of accusation.

In an attempt to hinder, if not altogether halt, the next move of God, Satan has released a spirit of accusation both against and within the church. The purpose of this is to entice the body of Christ away from the perfections of Jesus and onto the imperfections of one another.

The spirit of accusation’s assignment is to assault relationships on every level. It masquerades as “discernment” and slips into our opinions of others, leaving us critical and judgmental. The spirt of accusation incites individuals to spend days, weeks, unearthing faults or sins in everyone they see. The people who are held captive by this spirit become “crusaders” for what they perceive is “truth”. In most cases, the things they deem wrong or lacking are the very areas in which the Lord seeks to position them for intercession. What might otherwise be an opportunity for spiritual growth and meeting a need becomes an occasion of stumbling and withdrawal. In truth, their criticisms are a smoke screen for a prayerless heart and an unwillingness to serve.

Remember, it is what we do with what we see that measures our Christlike maturity. If our thoughts are other than faith working through love, we need to be aware that we may be ministering for the wrong kingdom.

As we know the Scriptures tell us, our words are powerful, they are weapons of war. They have the power to heal or destroy. And there are times and seasons, like we are in now, where are words carry an added weight. What we choose to say will literally determine how the nations respond in the days ahead.

Paul, in his command to intercede in 1 Timothy 2:1-4 focuses our prayers especially on leaders. I want to encourage you to pray for leaders. They have great responsibility and because of that face even greater attacks from the enemy. Satan has limited forces and focuses his attacks on those in leadership, whether it is among nations, or in the Church. If the Enemy can take down a leader, many other people are usually badly damaged. So Paul tells us, “pray…for all those in authority.”

Friends, we are in a new season of mercy, even though for some it does not appear to be so, God wants to reboot the nation and get us back on track. God wants to realign us on His path to establish and release His glory on a scale none of us can imagine.

What is really exciting is that you and I are called to be a part of this glorious plan. We get to join with the Holy Spirit and shake the nations for Jesus. So cool!

April 13, 2020

While I truly believe we are living in the greatest days of the church’s history, it is vital, we be extremely wise and discerning of the times.

Last week I had a dream and in the dream I was speaking to church leaders and said, ” I say this with much hesitance, because it goes completely against the traditions you hold dear; but, you need to actively begin selling your church properties. Use the proceeds to begin raising up house churches under your leadership and buying gold and silver to fund the ministry. The government is going to strip your 501c3, monitor your messages from the pulpit and online and if you refuse to conform or comply with their laws of inclusion and preach from their Bible, they removed what they deem “inflammatory” language, they will take the ministry’s lands and buildings, seize your personal property, your assets, and all finances of the ministry.”

They all laughed and scoffed saying, “Not here. Not in America. This is not of God.” and escorted me out of the building.

I was then brought some 10 years in the future and the state of our nation was even worse than I could imagine.

The only churches left open were government run churches. The people were dirty, despondent, hopeless. There no longer was a middle class. There was the destitute depending on the government for food, medical care, housing, but there was no food, the lines for medical assistance were several blocks long and the medical teams had no supplies, drugs, or vaccines available. The housing they lived in were rundown buildings with broken windows, streets littered with trash, rats running up and down the streets biting the people.

Then there were the few extremely wealthy who were in seats of power, of authority. They did not have a care in the world. They lived in opulence, laughing at the state of the world and believed that this was all part of the grand plan for population control. They went to these beautiful edifices where there were no crosses, no mention of God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit. They paid for their “sins” to be forgiven.

My heart broke and I began to travail for the people when I saw a light that shown bright coming from a basement window. It drew me in. As I came closer, I began to hear the sounds of singing, the sounds of people praising God. As I made my way down the stairs into the basement of this dilapidated building, I found a small group of Christians worshipping the Lord. They didn’t have much naturally; but they were filled supernaturally. They were filled with joy and hope. The presence of the Lord was so thick.

I did not recognize any man or woman “leading” this group of Christians. After the time of worship was over a man stood up and began to share the simple Gospel of Christ crucified. He wept as he spoke and the people listened with sharpened attention and focus. No one was distracted, wandering in their minds or hearts, they were listening as if their very life depended on the words this man was saying.

When the service was finished he and I began to speak and I asked, “How long has this church been here?” he said, “3 years”. I asked, “Are you the only church?” He smiled and said, “No. There are thousands of churches like this in this city alone. We share all things, hold all things common. There is no envying, striving, jealousy. There are none sick among us. We meet daily and share in the Holy Communion. The church has never been more alive than it is now.”

I woke up …


April 5, 2020

A prophetic word concerning Passover …

On Palm Sunday, April 5th, 2020 the Lord brought me to Joshua 5 and made it very clear to me that we as the Body of Christ are here at this time and in this season.

Without going into too much detail the Lord showed me these points regarding Joshua 5 and the times before and directly after.

1. His Process: Books of Exodus and Deuteronomy.

Israel has spent the last 40 years wondering around the wilderness. Always seeing the promise God had declared was theirs but never possessing the promise due to their unbelief. 40 years Joshua follows Moses. 40 years the people eat manna. 40 years they watched as one by one the older generation died off. 40 years of watching and waiting.

In Joshua 5 we see Israel’s enemies the Amorites and Canaanites the very people mentioned in Genesis 15:16, God had said to Abraham: “For the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.” The Amorites and Canaanites with their idol worship of Baal, Moloch, and Astaroth was linked with child sacrifice and sexual immorality. And yet God showed grace towards these nations for more than 400 years.

These nations heard about the miraculous demonstration the God of Israel had performed in parting the rain-soaked flood waters of the Jordan so the Israelites could cross over on dry ground. An estimated 2-3 million men, women, and children crossed safely and when the last member crossed the flood waters were released.

And the Word says, “the people’s hearts melted like wax and there was no spirit left in them”.

When our spiritual enemies see that our God has gone before us they instantly lose confidence in their battle against us, and while we may forget our spiritual enemies always remember, “if God is for us who can be against us”. They know that when we walk in faith and obedience trusting in God their defeat is assured.

2.His Precepts: Joshua 5:2-9.

The Lord tells us in Joshua 5 that for 40 years the Israelites had neglected the Passover and circumcision and in order for this new generation to inherit the promise they needed to stop and attend to these two great precepts of the Mosaic covenant. He reminded them that His work would continue, but the people of God needed to be obedient for those who had unbelief would not share in it!
Circumcision has always been a powerful act of consecration to God. Through this act of obedience the Israelites were saying, “We are not like the other nations. I listen to God and do what He says!” It was an act of faithful obedience and identifying oneself as being one of the Lord’s chosen people. It was renouncing the flesh and the world. It was dying to self and living to God!

Passover has always been a powerful act of communion with God. It represents the feeding on Christ. He is the Lamb; we must put away the leaven of sin and come with pure hearts to feed upon the Lord. We will never defeat the Canaanites until we have fed on Christ!

After they were circumcised, the Lord said to Joshua, “This day I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you, therefore the name of this place is called Gilgal.

The reproach God is referring to was their shame. The shame of degrading slavery. But I also believe it was the reproach of idolatry, of forgetting the God of their father Abraham, of old mindsets, old patterns, old ways of doing things, of doubt and disbelief.
God called Israel to a place where they saw themselves as they were in Him. By faith they could see themselves as altogether different, new, obedient, trusting people and stop seeing themselves as bound and as slaves.

During Passover they celebrated their redemption from Egypt. While the original Passover itself could not be repeated there was power in its remembrance. In the same way we are to be in constant remembrance of our redemption at Calvary and live our lives in the shadow of the Cross.

3. His Provision: Joshua 5:11-12

Now watch this the day after Passover, they ate the produce of the land. The manna had ceased.

Could you imagine this? Some people lived their entire lives day after day, month after month year after year waking up and filling their pots with enough manna for the day. It was just another duty another routine of the day to go out and get their daily portion from heaven. They had long since forgotten that this was a supernatural event occurring day after day. They were no longer moved by the miracle that was made available to them. They were going through the motions but there was no emotions in it.

But here in Joshua 5 we see that the Israelites exchanged one miraculous form of provision for another! No longer was God supernaturally providing from heaven, now He was supernaturally providing the earth. The Israelites were harvesting from fields they didn’t plant. They were reaping where they had not sown.

4. His Presence: Joshua 5:13

This brings us full circle to where I began, Joshua alone contemplating, formulating his plan of attack. He sees this Man in armor standing opposite of him with His sword drawn and Joshua barks, “Are you for us or against us?!” and the Man replies, “Neither. I am the Commander of the Army of the Lord.”

Joshua falls prostrate on his face worships the Lord says, “What does the Lord command His servant?” and the Lord responds, “Take off your shoes for the place where you stand is holy.”

I love this picture of the Lord. Jesus was right there. This wasn’t the cloud or pillar of fire. It wasn’t an audible voice in the sky. The Lord was actively involved, standing before Joshua with His sword drawn, dressed in His armor ready to lead the charge.

5. His Position: Joshua 5:14-15

Jesus was taking the lead. This I am sure was a great relief to Joshua, Joshua wasn’t a battle hardened General, he had been in a handful of battles under Moses, but he never led the men of Israel. He had no idea what he was going to do. The anxiety he must have felt, the burden that rested heavy on his shoulders as he was out there alone trying to develop a plan that would ensure Israel’s victory all was lifted off of him as he understands that Jesus has kept His promise found in Joshua 1:5-6, “No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them.” Jesus is reinforcing to Joshua that this battle is God’s and it will be won in God’s way and in God’s strength.

Joshua’s response was overwhelming gratitude and falls to the ground in worship. I am sure Joshua felt the weight, the responsibility, for all the people of Israel. He was thinking about the lives of those men who were about to go to war and their families. I am sure he thought about the men that would be lost and how he would have to address the grieving widows and their children. So when Jesus said, I am the Captain of the Lord’s Army Joshua must have been relieved to have this heavy burden lifted. Jesus the yoke destroying, burden removing Savior has come to let Joshua know this is His fight and He will lead the army of Israel to victory.

Another thing we need to see here is this, just as God appeared to Moses in the burning Bush and said to him, “Take off your shoes for where you are standing is holy ground” we now see Joshua being told the same thing. The symmetry here is showing that Joshua is about to take Israel and advance where Moses had left. Shoes are symbolic of your past, of where you have been, and God was in essence saying, “You’re going into new territory and you can’t bring the old with you.”

6. His Plan: Joshua 6:2-5

The Lord told Joshua I am leading this army. We are going to do things My way. We are going to do things differently than you have thought. We are going to do things in an unorthodox manner. My plan works. My plan is the only way you will get the victory.

7. His Promise fulfilled: Joshua 6-24

Prophetically I believe we are in a state of interstice, we are no longer in the wilderness, but we haven’t yet possessed the Promised Land.

This is a time of consecration. It is a time of cutting away all the encumbrances, the distractions, the sins that so easily beset us. It is a time of cutting away the hardness of our hearts due to the unrelenting disappointments that have occurred, the suffering of pain and loss, of failure, of doubt and disbelief.

We are in a new era and we cannot bring the old with us if we are going to possess our Promised Land.

I believe that there is great fear in the enemy’s camp. Our enemies hearts have melted like wax and there is no spirit left in them. That is why there has been such an onslaught from the enemy to attempt to get us to back up and run.

That as we enter this Passover, we need to ensure that we are spending the time necessary communing with the Lamb of God. That we reflect on His sacrificial death, His substitutionary atonement for our sins. His act of obedience provides us with deliverance and healing and eternal life. Soaking in His presence through worship and prayer, and yes weeping. That we really understand that through Christ the reproach of Egypt has been taken away.

For those who have been so focused on the battle that rages they couldn’t perceive whose presence they are in. Stop what you are doing and take time to worship your King.

Let us hold fast to the promise the Lord gave to Joshua, “No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them.” Joshua 1:5-6

Position is key. We must remember He is the Captain of the Lord’s Army. He is the One leading us into battle. In His presence is the divine strategy, the plan, to defeat the enemy. But we must follow Him. The plan without His leading will not work. Let us not get ahead of Him but wait on Him and follow His leading.

This is a time to declare the Word of the Lord. The Word of the Lord that will shift the atmosphere. The Word of Lord that will expel the kingdom of darkness and allow My Kingdom of light to shine forth. This is not a time to retreat.

This is a time of resetting, of refreshing, of recalibrating, of realigning.
This is a time of of consecration, of impartation, of revelation.
This is a time where God is downloading the new blueprint, the new plan, to move forward.
This is the time to step into the new land that God has decreed for you.

Finally, we must take off our shoes. Our shoes represent our past, where we have been. We must let go of old ways, let go of old patterns, let go of old mindsets, let go of old traditions, let go of our past successes and failures, our strengths and our shortcomings because we are going somewhere we have never been before.


March 24, 2020


For the last 2 weeks I have woken up several days at 4:44. I have also been seeing the number 444 just about everywhere I look, on car license plates, clocks, buildings, emails, etc. When this happens, for me, it is God endeavoring to get my attention about something He is about to do in the land. So I have researched the number 4 and the series of 44 and 444 this is what I believe the Lord is saying at this time.

First, let me begin by sharing that the number 4 speaks of Creation, the Earth or creative works, as it was on the Fourth Day of Creation, material creation was finished. In Hebrew the fourth letter is “Dalet” and is represented pictorially as an open door, likened to an open tent door such as found entering the “tent of meeting”. The open door implies an invitation to enter a fresh, intimate encounter with God’s presence and build intimacy with God. When seeing a series of 4’s it can be God speaking of an open door, an open season and of creative miracles, especially pertaining to entering the season you are on the threshold of, which for us is the Passover season.

Second, there exists an interesting relationship between the number 444 and Christ’s earthly ministry. According to the book “The Appointed Times of Jesus the Messiah,” Jesus’ ministry began on September 11 in 26 A.D. the same day the devil began his forty days of temptation. This day fell on a Wednesday, the 4th day of the week.

September 11 was not only the Day of Atonement in 26, it was the start of the Jubilee year (Luke 4:16 – 21, see also Isaiah 61:1 – 2). In Jesus first recorded public address in Nazareth, He links His ministry and message to this special period of liberty and freedom which occurred every 50th year and was announced on Atonement (Leviticus 25).

September 11 in 26 A.D. is thus an incredibly rare and momentous day in human history! The four-fold major events that took place, or began, on this day are the Day of Atonement, the start of the Jubilee Year, the start of Jesus’ ministry, and the beginning of the devil’s efforts to derail God’s plan to save humanity.

Jesus’ public ministry ended on a Wednesday, on the same 4th day of the week it started. It ceased in 30 A.D. when he was crucified and died on April 5 (the day portion of Passover) as our perfect sacrifice for sin.

The Day of Atonement in 26 A.D. corresponds on the Hebrew calculated calendar (used to determine God’s annual Feast Days) to Tishri 10 in the Hebrew year 3787. Jesus’ death in 30 A.D. corresponds to Nisan 14 in Hebrew year 3790. This means his entire ministry lasted 44 months (Hebrew years 3787 and 3789 had 13 months in them) and 4 days for the number 444!

What does it all mean?!

I believe that the Lord is highlighting 3 passages of Scripture at this time:

Matthew 4:4, Psalm 44:4, and Ezekiel 44:4

MATTHEW 4:4: Jesus answered, “The Scriptures say: Bread alone will not satisfy, but true life is found in every word, which constantly goes forth from God’s mouth.”

Right now, in this incredibly intense moment in the Body of Christ, where the enemy is screaming and manifesting (because he is losing ground), the Lord is doing some deep deliverance and healing in His people. We must take the manna, the revelation that God is giving to us every day, what He is speaking and feast upon it! It is crucial that God’s people are meditating upon the God’s rhema word, His right now word, right now!

As you feed upon your rhema in this season I believe that the lies, strongholds, hidden places and areas where the enemy has occupied territory in your life is being torn down. The things that have held you back in this season and for your entire life are being broken off in this season. God is correcting history in the lives of those who are actively working their rhema, right now word, right now!

What has “always been this way” (in a negative sense) for generations, is breaking off and God is delivering and healing in this season. I kept hearing the Lord say over and over “What was will no longer be, you will be free!”

Even in this season of quarantine God is speaking increase over you. He is extending you and your authority. He’s not only giving you back the land the enemy has stolen and occupied, He is giving you that back and more!

Psalm 44:4:  “You are my King and my God, who decrees VICTORIES for Jacob!!!!”

No matter what you are walking through right now, God is decreeing victory over you! This is your season of victory, of healing, and of deliverance!

Jesus said to those who believed in him, “When you continue to embrace all that I teach you, you prove that you are My true followers. For if you embrace the truth, it will release more freedom into your lives.” – John 8:31-32 (The Passion Translation)

I felt the Lord decreeing over this season “The truth will be told” and the sense surrounded me that the truth of His Word, and the truth of who Jesus is, His goodness, His faithfulness, His protection and His justice is going to bring a greater wholeness of heart and soul and the deliverance and rooting out of the enemy.

I saw the ‘hidden’ areas are being exposed. The areas where the enemy has ‘hidden’, where he has found a ‘home’ through lies or fear or strongholds, the Lord is shining His light on them and He is rooting them out.

The ‘hidden’ areas that have allowed the enemy to torment and to cause anguish and grief upon God’s people, are being rooted out.

The areas that have continued to remain hidden, that have continued to hinder breakthrough, freedom and fruitfulness, that have continued to empower ‘cycles’ of death and destruction, that have continued to empower cycles of ‘delay’ and ‘pain’ are being uprooted in this season.

The very areas where the enemy thought he had the greatest victory, the strongest hold of, the greatest hidden ground in the lives of believers, he is being exposed by the Lord, and rooted out by the truth! The enemy is being driven out of the land God has given you.

In this season of warfare the Lord is doing some deep work of healing and deliverance in His people, that is why it is imperative that God’s people are working their rhema, right now word, right now!

The pain may be intense now, the struggle may be deep, the opposition and the heart surgery all happening at once, but I want to encourage you, this too shall pass, you are going higher, God is bringing the increase and you are being made whole, strong and free to move forward into your land of greater victory.

Ezekiel 44:4: Also He brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the Temple; so I looked, and behold, the glory of the LORD filled the house of the LORD; and I fell on my face.

Passover is coming and with it that great Day of victory when Christ defeated Satan and death lost its sting!

“Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Cor. 15:55-57.

During this time of quarantine we too, much like when the first Passover took place in Egypt when God instructed the Israelites that, “each man should take a lamb for the household, a lamb for each home”, Exodus 12:3, are locked behind the doors of our homes and instructed to not go out until the “death angel passed by”.

I believe that during this high holy season God wants to break into our lives and break some things off the church, we are the church, not the building we go to worship in. There are places that we, the church, have conformed to and have been indoctrinated by the cultural beliefs and behaviors around us, and these beliefs and behaviors have replaced the truth that is found in Word of God. Many things have been added to the purity of His Word, and the blood that He shed, and those things are defiling His temple.

This is an essential time for God’s people to get back to the basics of Christ and Him crucified. He paid the ultimate price for the sin of the world through the shedding of His blood and the breaking of His body. It is the blood of Jesus that speaks a better word and has the power to save us from this pandemic and from ourselves. It’s time to see the power of the blood of Jesus come back upon the church and as Ezekiel 44:4 says, It is time to fall on our face and see the glory of God fill the temple.

This is a season of incredible open doors, creative miracles, invitations into deeper encounters with Jesus, bringing to life new levels of intimacy with Him. An increase of sight, wisdom, discernment and clarity. This is your season of deliverance, of healing, of victory.

I pray for fresh perspective as you come up higher and see the doors open to you.  An increase of the seer gifting to see with greater clarity.  God is decreeing victory over you.  Align with what God is saying as you enter the door God has opened and decree victory.


February 5, 2020

After watching the President give his State of the Union Address to the American people and witnessing the vitriol coming from the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, throughout his speech and to then watch as she tore up his speech behind his back and in front of the Nation. I, like many of you, was a bit shocked and angered by her actions, but, what she did and how she did it wouldn’t leave me.

As I began to pray about this Proverbs 29:1 hit me in my spirit, Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed–without remedy, and I heard the Lord say, “Listen! For just as they have plotted and schemed behind closed doors and in the shadows of darkness against My elect I now bring it into the Light and My justice shall be swift against them. Their lies, their conspiracies, their corruption shall be brought to the front, before the people of this Nation. Just as the Speaker of the House tore My elected one’s speech four times, so too, there shall come four tears upon this Party. Watch and see as I tear the Democrats from their position of influence, of authority, of power, and away from each other. For they have turned their backs on the Truth and the Light that I have given them. Now watch! For great will be their fall, their destruction is inevitable and their ruin irrecoverable.”

As I continued to pray I heard the Lord say concerning Trump, “And to My elected one in the White House, watch and pray! For he shall rise higher and higher and he will be known as a “KING” among the nations, for I have set a seal upon him. For I have anointed him and taken hold of his right hand to subdue nations before him. To strip principalities and [powers of their armor! For it is I who goes before him. It is I who levels every mountain, who breaks down the gates of bronze and to cut through bars of iron. It is I who have opened the doors that no man can shut, and it is I who has given him hidden treasures and riches stored in secret places so that he will know that I AM the LORD His Creator and God.


January 9, 2020

“Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper.” 2 Chronicles 20:20

All of you who are listening to this, or reading this today, I want to give you hope for your future. Here in America, we have been in a war for our nation’s very soul. We have witnessed the constant onslaught of the enemy in our politics, our weather patterns, within our churches, and even our families. At times, it has appeared the darkness has won; but God has intervened time and time again.

I believe many have endured seasons of darkness, of delay, of trials and tribulations where they either lost vision or had no clear vision of what was on the horizon; but it will not be this way in 2020! God’s light is rising, and great growth shall spring forth! God is getting ready to do so much in this upcoming season and we must make sure we are positioned to see those long-delayed prophetic words fully manifested in this season.

As we look to 2020 and beyond, we need to understand that we are entering a new decade, a new era, naturally and spiritually. Any time we enter something new we will contend with opposition, but, as I often say, “Don’t focus on the demonic, focus on the dynamic!” or “Don’t focus on the toil, focus on the spoil!” We are in a battle folks and it should excite us, not terrify us, because with God we win!! It is in the battle we find out what we are made of, what we have been made for, and most importantly Who Christ is within us!

The battle isn’t over, the enemy has no intention of giving anything away. Although we have entered a new era we are going to have to fight, we are going to have to contend, for our promises, our blessings, our purpose, and our destiny, just as the children of Israel did when they crossed the Jordan. They had to contend with giants, with fortified cities, with enemies that took possession of their promised Land. Their faith was tested but with God they won every time.

Please don’t misconstrue what I have shared above as 2020 is going to be a year of constant battle and doom and gloom where things are going to go from bad to worse, on the contrary, 2020 is going to be the beginning of seeing victory after victory, the light of God shining through, and incredible harvest!

While in prayer and searching the Lord for the new year, the Lord led me to two passages for the year and coming years in this decade. First was, 2 Chronicles 20:20, “Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper” for the year 2020. The second was Psalm 80, for the Hebraic year 5780. If you read this Psalm in the Passion Translation you will find that it is titled, “Rescue and Restore” with the subtitle, “… Asaph’s poetic song, set to the tune of ‘Your Decrees Are Like Lilies.'”

Just as we, in our Gregorian calendar, are entering the year 2020 and the beginning of a new decade, so too, Israel is entering a new decade celebrating the year 5780.

The number 80 in Hebrew correlates with the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is the letter pey. Pey symbolically means “mouth, word, expression, vocalization, speech and breath.”

The Lord wants you to understand that, “This is a year of the mighty decree, and as you decree His Word ahead of time, He will come in great power to rescue and restore all that has been lost or stolen.
The letter pey is made up of two other letters, kaf and yod. Without going too deep, it paints the picture of the divine spark (yod) of God, within the soul, or the place in the body where potential is actualized (kaf). The pictorial letter itself looks like a spark inside an open mouth.

5780/2020 holds a divine invitation for you to open your mouth with the spark, or decree, of God that will set into flame the fires of revival. As we release the revelation that He reveals to us, prophesying His words, His plan to rescue and restore will be set into motion. This will be a year of increased intercession, prayer and declaration, and it will result in rapid answers and harvest.

I encourage you to take the time and read Psalm 80 in its entirety and allow the Spirit of God to reveal His decrees to you, so you may make His declarations concerning your situations and watch as the Lord brings restoration to you!

Now onto the year 2020, our society equates the numbers 2020 or 20/20 with perfect vision. I shared above that the Lord first gave me the passage in 2 Chronicles 20:20, “Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper”. When we combine the 2 passages, we can see that there is an interesting correlation between the prophetic symbolism of 5780, the mouth, and 2020, perfect vision. I truly believe that God is focusing on the prophetic office in this new year and even this decade.

Prophets are God’s mouthpieces, or oracles, in the earth. In the Old Testament, prophets were described as “seers,” those who saw the will and edicts of God through spiritual eyesight (1 Sam 9:9). Not only did they “see,” but they would then decree the words of God.

When we pair the power of vision and the power of the decree, the atmosphere shifts and the opportunity for the miraculous happens. Creative power is released through the mouth of the Prophet. The decrees of a prophetic generation are able to create powerful shifts in culture. One properly discerned vision from God which is decreed by the prophet can shift governments, entire people groups and even nations.

I believe we are going to see an increase in accuracy, of acceleration in time between the word being spoken and it’s fulfillment, and there will be a great release of divine manifestations of healings, miracles, and deliverances, which will bring a double harvest of souls. This will not only unfold over the course of this year, but throughout this decade. This will be a decade of strong prophetic flow, accuracy, symbolism, and vision. If we sharpen our spiritual eyesight and heighten our spiritual sensitivity, there will be a revealing of the secrets and plans of God like never before.

In 2020, God’s light will shine on every seed that has been planted and every seed will grow and produce fruit. I believe that every prophetic word, every seed, that has been sown and watered in past seasons will now begin to be fulfilled. We just need to get it in our spirit that we will contend for it! Like Shammah who stood alone in the lentil field, while the rest of the Israeli army ran,

But Shammah took his stand in the middle of the field. He defended it and struck the Philistines down, and the LORD brought about a great victory. 2 Samuel 23:12

Let’s also remember friends, that this isn’t just about us but our family, our friends, our neighbors. It’s about the stranger on the street, in the stores we shop. It’s about our cities, our states, our regions, our nation. It’s about the nations! We need to understand that what we contend for isn’t just for or about us but for them. They need Jesus Christ and there will be a battle to apprehend that which the enemy has covered, shrouded, blinded, bound in great darkness. There are people that need to be saved, set free, and healed. There’s going to be a battle for the soul of those people. It’s time to pray, to intercede, to contend as never before. I believe that 2 Chronicles 20:20 is the Scripture for us all, “The Prophets prophesied, and the people who believed the Prophets prospered”.


May 21, 2019

In prayer I heard this reverberate in my spirit again and again … “Shock and Awe” and I sensed that the glory of the Lord is about to be revealed in a dynamic and powerful way.

Luke 5:26(NLT): Everyone was gripped with great wonder and awe, and they praised God, exclaiming, “We have seen amazing things today!”

I had several intense dreams last night of things to come and woke to these words – “Shock and Awe”.

Shock and Awe (otherwise known as Rapid Dominance) is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power, dominant battlefield awareness, dominant maneuvers, and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight.

As of late the Lord has been speaking to me about a shift in desires, a change in thinking, a new found focus on the third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. There was a desire for power that arose in the church a couple decades ago; but, it was coupled with the desire for comfort. I believe the key to resurrection power is found in knowing Christ and His suffering. To have that kind of power will cost you something.

I believe that there are many in the church who are dissatisfied with the status quo and are looking for, longing for, the authentic not the sensational. God does not need more professionals on the platforms or in the pew. God desires passionate sons and daughters who have a burden for the lost and are willing to know His Son and His suffering that they may know Him in His resurrection power. A power that will set them free from the depths of darkness that their generation has taken them into.

Accountability, Responsibility, Purity are no longer going to be by words but a way of living. There are those who are satisfied knowing of Jesus, there are those satisfied knowing about Jesus, and there are those who have a holy dissatisfaction because they know Jesus and it is never enough. There is a stirring occurring in people again like never before! They are seeing their need of the power of God again in their lives. There is a stirring occurring, a new desire, is coming to people for the deep things of God. He is about to begin stirring in their souls until they will have nothing less than all that God has for them!

The Gospel is offensive to many, even in the church, but God is looking for those who are will to take a stand and are willing to count the cost and look foolish for Him. God wants to take control of His church. He wants to move among His people, and He is coming because of a cry of a people who long to have intimacy with the Holy Spirit to know Christ in His suffering that they may do the miracles of the early Church! He is coming, I tell you, in answer to countless prayers from generations past and present that are desperate for the raw power of God! They are desperate enough to look foolish to the world! They are desperate enough to not care what anyone thinks or says. They just know that they have a deep, spiritual need, and only the power of the Holy Spirit can deliver them!


April 4, 2019

Do Not Faint!

Last night I was awakened in the early hours of the morning to pray. What I heard was the deep sighs of the saints and the overwhelming sense of fatigue, of frustration, of weariness, and an aching filled me. What I sense is there are many who are battle weary, who are tired, and frustrated with the “seeming” lack of productivity, of growth, of forward momentum that is taking place in their lives, their families, their ministries. The enemy has worked tirelessly, relentlessly, to stage an all-out assault on those on the front lines, on those who are pushing back the darkness, on those who are pressing in to take hold of their destinies in Christ.

For those who understand what I am sharing I want to encourage you today … It’s alright that you feel tired, it’s alright that you feel frustrated, it’s alright that you feel weary … Just don’t allow those feelings to make you lose hope or quit.

Breath in deeply from the Spirit of God. Allow Him to renew your strength, to make your vision clear, to fill you with new life. This is a not a time to be diminished, to draw back, to retreat but to be expanded, to take new ground, to possess the promise in the spirit and watch as God manifests it in the natural.
“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Gal 6:9

Right here you can see that a season of weariness predicates your due season! In your weariness do not faint! Do not lose heart! See it for what it is a sign, an indicator, a sign, that your due season is approaching!

As I write this, I am reminded of one of David’s mighty men, Shammah, who stood his ground in a field of lentils and God wrought a mighty victory. (2 Sam 23:12)

Shammah doesn’t just “feel” alone, he is alone and yet he is resolute in battle. He is not running. He is standing still while waves of Israelite warriors are running past him, yelling for him to retreat as the Philistines approached. I believe that when the Israelite army saw the Philistine army, they lost heart and fled; but, Shammah had already faced the enemy in his mind and heart and saw the victory of God and the glory of Israel and he was not going to run in the face of the enemy.

As the entire Israelite army runs past Shammah a dust cloud swirls around and as it settles the Philistine army see one lone figure standing on the horizon in a field of lentils. As the Philistines see this lone figure, I am sure they believed victory was in hand and laughed and taunted him as they declared their victory over him.

As one by one the Philistines sent their warriors out to face Shammah and as one by one they fell at his left and right I am sure the Philistines were unaware of who this man was and Who was with him.

Shammah’s name means “appalling desolation”; but, the name Yahweh-Shammah may very well be the most exciting and comforting name God has given us. Because within the name Yahweh-Shammah is the promise and pledge of God to complete the work He began in us at creation, to bring us to our final rest and glory! The word “Shammah” is derived from the Hebrew word “sham”, which means “there” or “at that place”. Yahweh-Shammah is the last name God revealed through His Old Testament prophets. In the historic setting in which it’s given, this name reassured Israel that God had not abandoned them.

Here in this moment God was standing for the house of David and all His promises to Israel through this man who was going to stand with God as His victory!

God doesn’t anoint cowards! You don’t need the anointing when your running from the enemy. But when you stand, as Shammah did in God’s divine grace and strength, His anointing is there to give you supernatural victory!

I pray that God’s courage is rising up deep within you and that it is refreshing your souls to the reality of the Kingdom we are part of and that you will be swept up in tangible, supernatural, reality of God’s presence. That His power and strength, which is required for the fight you are facing, will fill you as you stand in faith, moving forward in trust, and battle in hope; courageously advancing in the heart of God as it is expressed in the earth. Let the reality of the Kingdom of God pour into you as you step into action.

The Lord is saying, “Do not lose heart. Do not quite. Do not grow weary. Press in. Breath in My Spirit deeply. Believe in Me, in My promises. Know that I am with you. Possess your inheritance. Every day you must choose to follow Me in faith. Faith is what pleases Me. Faith is obedience to My command and obedience is the demonstration of love toward Me. With Me you are more than enough to contend and to conquer the enemy before you.”

There is absolutely nothing that can stand against you that is more powerful, that is stronger than, the love of God toward you. Remember that before you can enter your due season you must contend with, and press through, your season of weariness! Do not lose heart, do not faint! Victory is at hand!


February 10, 2019

Back in October of 2017, the Lord had impressed upon me that we were entering a season where “the Lord would arrest us, captivate us, and we would linger with Him in intimate fellowship… That Deep was truly calling unto Deep … the Body must position themselves like John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, and rest our head on His chest and listen to His heartbeat. To know what His heart beats for, longs for…”

I have noticed since that word was released that there has been a significant attempt of the enemy to distract, displace, disjoint, those who have determined, have committed themselves to, entering this place of deeper fellowship and intimacy with the Lord.

There are hidden things that the Lord wants to reveal to His people in this Season. These hidden things will be a catalyst that will propel His people into their new season. There is coming a new revelation, a new manifestation, of His glory that will so dramatically, so radically, shift His people that the enemy has endeavored to discourage, disjoint, disconnect God’s people from their quiet place, their secret place, with the Lord. The enemy knows if he can keep you from the Word, from your prayer closet, from divine fellowship and revelation from the Throne that you will miss what God has for you in this season and the seasons to come and as such you will be of no effect, no danger, to the kingdom of darkness.

The devil knows that it is the Word of God, the seed of God, that produces the harvest in your life and he is attacking you to keep that seed from being planted. He knows that if he can keep you out of that prayer closet then you will whither on the vine, you will miss the time of meeting with the Holy Spirit and as such miss the fresh outpouring of oil that is available to you in this hour.

There is a freshness in this place, there is life in this place, there is power in this place, there is revelation in this place, there is rest in this place. God desires to manifest His glory in a way He has never done before and He is looking for those who will accept His call and linger in the quiet place with Him.


January 23, 2019


While in prayer this morning I saw Jesus walking up a mountainside, much like the olive groves in Jerusalem. He was walking about 10 steps ahead of me, He turned back and the glory that radiated from Him, the smile that was on His face, the joy and peace that emanated from Him engulfed me. It was in this moment He waved His arm as to call me to Himself and said, “Come, I want to show you great and unsearchable things no one has seen before”

The Lord continued to say, “What the Body has come to know as Church and Kingdom realities are about to be dramatically transformed. A shift is coming in the mentality of My people from that of Church mindedness to Kingdom mindedness. There are treasures in unseen realms, expressions of My glory, workings and administrations of My Spirit that are going to be released and a demonstration of the power and authority of My Father’s Kingdom on the Earth.”

“So many have not heard. So many have not seen. So many have not been shown the wonders of My glory, the joy of My delight, and the full measure of Heaven’s realities that I have placed within them. The world has been handed a counterfeit Gospel—void of true power and authority. Many have allowed their flesh to rule over their spirit and given way to double-mindedness and worldly thinking”
“Eternity has been placed within your hearts and it is eternity that now beckons us to join together to show the world the fullness and reality of the Father’s goodness and glory. And to demonstrate His eternal Kingdom that will not only grow and increase, but never end!”


January 23, 2019

While I was praying early this morning for the nations and the Church, I came against all falsehood, slander, speculation, accusation, misrepresentation, and character assassination … I asked the Father to cause the heavens to bow down with divine judgment and that we would not lose any ground or territory gained through the undermining efforts or initiatives of the enemy … I declared that every lying tongue will be shut and that truth will prevail.

1. I saw an alarm clock that was the size of the East Coast and as the hour struck 6:00a.m., instead of a ringing of the bells, it was the sound of trumpets that shook the entire East Coast and reverberated through the nation.

2. I saw a gavel in the Lord’s hand and written on it was the word, “JUSTICE”, and as He struck the block, I heard Him say, “For nothing is concealed that won’t be revealed, and nothing hidden that won’t be made known and brought to light.”

Whenever and wherever Christ is moving upheaval, and shaking will take place on the earth and in the heavens. As Christ’s ambassador on this earth every time we pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done!” princes, powers, and authorities of darkness are being challenged and dethroned … We mustn’t forget that our battle is not against flesh and blood, and that the weapons of our warfare are spiritual and powerful. We mustn’t forget how God has moved throughout history or the role His people has played in those moves.

When I look at the massive issues we face in American culture today—from racism to political strife, corporate greed, sexual and family brokenness, drug addiction, pornography, the list goes on and on —I am filled with hope. I’m absolutely convinced that the awakened church is the hope of the world. And I’m also convinced that prayer is the catalyst that awakens the Church. Prayer can’t be an afterthought; it must be our number-one strategy. I believe we are poised to see God move in a way that we have never seen in recorded history.

Friends, there is a great deliverance coming to America, to His House, the White House, and our house. Truth will break forth as the dawning of a new day pierces the darkness.


November 15, 2018

While flying over New York I was impressed with Ezekiel 22:23-31 where God earnestly sought for someone, anyone, who would stand in the gap and build a wall of fortification, of protection …


And as I wrestled with this an overwhelming sense of hope and joy came upon me as I heard the Lord say, “HE SAW THERE WAS NO MAN – HE WAS AMAZED THAT THERE WAS NO ONE TO INTERCEDE; SO HIS OWN ARM BROUGHT SALVATION, AND HIS OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS SUSTAINED HIM”, Isaiah 59:16.

I believe the Great Intercessor is releasing a fresh wave of intercessory prayer to the body of Christ for America! The Holy Spirit is going to breathe upon and empower many in this hour to stand in the gap for America and the Church!

God is raising up intercessory leaders who will nurture intercessory prayer teams, who will build interceding churches, that will intercede for cities, nations, and the world, in order to shape history for global revival and reformation.

We have the unique privilege of being able to pray for mercy when judgment is deserved and for the supernatural intervention of God when human resources are useless.

Ezekiel 22 shows us that the power intercessory prayer through one individual, one group of people, one church who are willing to stand in the gap is all it takes to hold back destruction upon the land and instead release healing, revival, and restoration…


October 8, 2018

Psalms 51: 16-17: You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings. My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.

David talked about it in his Psalms and prayers.

Ps. 51:1,2,10-12: Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.
Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

John the Baptist prepared the way of the Lord preaching it.

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” This is he who was spoken of through the prophet Isaiah: “A voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him’”. Matt. 3:1-3

Jesus preached it.

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matt 4:17.

Peter preached it.

“Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38

Paul preached it.

“In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.”
Friends, I shared this prophetic insight before and the key is found in repentance. Revival will begin in our homes. This will ignite the church with a passion and usher in the reformation that will set the world on fire!

“The Greatest Reformation the world will ever know has already begun. I am raising up My reformers, My mystics, My seers, My oracles in this time and season. Yet this is still a time of refining and emergence. These NEW leaders are sold out to Me. They will not be moved by man but by Me. Their hallmark will be their understanding of their True Identity in Me as father. These NEW leaders will hunger for the Me. I will then visit many old wells that have been covered. I will uncover them and they will come forth gushing like fresh sweet water.”

“I am opening NEW doors in the Season. Doors of acceleration. Doors of Movement. Doors of Power. Doors of Great Increase. Doors to the supernatural.”

God is opening doors for us to leap forward. He is opening doors for us to surge ahead, and we are now going to run through open doors and spring into our future. We’re going to leap over adverse circumstances. We’re going to leap over demon attacks. We’re going to leap over financial attacks. We’re going to spring into hope that is sure. It is steadfast. It is immoveable. We’re going to overcome and we’re going to reign – demonstrating a superior power in our Kingdom.

“Doors to the NEW movement will spring forth. There is a NEW stream from My throne that will begin to flow. It is a pure stream of sweet, refreshing water. The pure unadulterated Gospel will flow and flow freely. My movement will move. It is built to move and it will move. Empowered by fresh downpours, fresh rain – the downpours of Heaven will fill it to overflowing. It will produce a supernatural Tsunami that will carry My cause and will be one that is backed with signs, with wonders, and with miracles; one that is not diluted by selfish ambition, pride, or greed, one that I can marshal Heaven’s army behind, one that I can back with awesome Kingdom power.”


August 21, 2018

Daniel 2:44: In the days of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, and this kingdom will not be left to another people. It will shatter all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, but will itself stand forever.


For the last several months I have had an intense focus on the kingdom of God and as I have been sensing what the next year will bring to the Body of Christ, I heard the Lord say, “Its time to seek and to speak the Kingdom”.

There is a holy unrest within many of the Body in this hour and they are about to be released in unprecedented fashion throughout the earth to establish the Kingdom of God. These individuals are not seeking the approval of men but the face of God. They will say what they hear the Father say and they will do what they see the Father do.

These individuals will live naturally supernatural lives on full display and will aggressively combat the kingdom of darkness and establish the kingdom of light. They understand authority and Whose authority they come in. They will not walk in timidity or fear but in boldness – This will cause many to mark them or label them as dangerous – And indeed they are!

They are dangerous to the kingdom of darkness, to the religious structures, and status quo. They are, much like John the Baptist was in his day, outside the religious structure and manmade system of his day challenging the church and the world to “Repent!”, to change their thinking.


When Jesus began His earthly ministry He preached a message of repentance; but, it wasn’t “Repent so you can be saved” or “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life”, it was “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”, Matthew 4:17.

Strong’s Concordance shows us that repent here is metanoeó: to change one’s mind or purpose.

3340 metanoéō (from 3326 /metá, “changed after being with” and 3539/noiéō, “think”) – properly, “think differently after,” “after a change of mind”; to repent (literally, “think differently afterwards”).


Jesus wasn’t looking to get people to “change” so much as He was looking to get kingdoms to change. He wanted to deliver God’s people, and everyone else who would accept Him as Lord and Savior, out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. He was inviting people to change the way they live, they think, and to give them their original purpose back and establish His kingdom, His government, and His Kingship. He was inviting people to live from heaven on earth.

God is raising “Agents of change” in this day who understand that their mission is the same as Adam’s was in his day … To take dominion!

They get that although Adam blew it in the Garden, God never rescinded the command to take dominion in Genesis 1:28, they understand that Christ bought it back. They get that being created in the image of God has a broad, sweeping scope that is governmental in nature, and that government consists of a King and His appointed regents over His kingdom on the earth.

They realize that Jesus’ main emphasis was not to preach a Gospel of salvation but the Gospel of the kingdom of God. Over 1/3 of His teaching and preaching related to the kingdom of God from “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”, in Matthew 6, to “the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it”, in Matthew 11, and His emphasis hasn’t changed today!


God is raising up a people who love the fight! They are not content living in defeat or running in retreat; but, are contending for God’s glory to be revealed in the hearts and lives of His people so they may walk in liberty and live from victory. They have overcome, and they want others to overcome. They are not distracted by what they “see” in the world; but, are moved by what they “see” in the spirit. They are not contending with flesh and blood; but, principalities, powers, and rulers. They understand their authority and that these entities are trespassing. They will release a greater glory in this hour! There is a new level of discernment, of deliverance, of healing and miracles that shall manifest in the days ahead.

His command was clear then and it is clear today! “Go disciple and teach nations”, Matthew 28:19-20, “Go and release the Jesus in you into every nation.”


June 6, 2018

Two very distinct impressions hit me as I met with church leaders in the Shinyanga region of Tanzania, Nakuru and Nairobi Kenya, and Kampala and Jinja Uganda … 1. God is focusing in on this area and a mighty explosion of God’s manifest power is coming and 2. The devil is very afraid of the continent of Africa. He is very afraid.

There has been a centuries old assault on the cradle of civilization and her people. Satan has used racial tensions, economic sanctions, religious traditions, spiritual wickedness in high places to bind the people of Africa because of the call, the mandate, the potential that is within them.

And the Lord says, “Enough! I have commanded My angels to go forth and I am revealing Myself to My people in a new way. I am raising up a mighty army of radicals who will go forth in My power. I am revealing My plan of a future and a hope to many in this hour and I will use them to heal the land!”.
There is an explosion of God’s power coming to Africa. Revival is coming to this land. And the Lord says, “I am going to reverse things in this land. Do not look at the obvious, at the lack, at what you see with the natural eye, but look with the regenerated mind, your spiritual eyes, and understand that I am going to establish My Throne in your midst and do miraculous things in miraculous ways here.” That God is going to restore the years that the cankerworm and the locust have eaten up.

There are treasure of darkness that have been hidden until now. There is a great revealing in this hour coming to Africa and it is being released to draw the greatest harvest this continent has ever seen. There is a great awakening, a great shaking, occurring on this continent and the Lord says, “Just as this was the birthplace of civilization, there is a birthing taking place in the spirit that shall spread throughout the world, it shall touch the Middle East, and reach the shores of America.”

The Lord is showing me that He is breaking open East Africa and it is going to spread to the North and the South, God is preparing a way for nation after nation after nation to be touched through religious freedom with His power, and there’s going to be a connection that will come between the nations of Egypt and Israel.


March 24, 2018

There’s a rumble in the heavens releasing a sound, it’s the sound of revolution! The sound of an unsheathing of God’s Sword is vibrating throughout heaven and causing trembling in the earth.
There is coming a fiery fusion joining the young and old. God is forging a yoke and He is joining the zeal of the sons and the wisdom of the fathers together.

A radical revolution that in many ways will redefine the way the modern-day church has endeavored to define Christianity. This coming move will be about action. It was never the plan of God to establish the kingdom of God with mere words but with Christ’s centered works. Not just mere doctrine but God inspired deeds.

There can be no revolution with contented people. So God has been busy fanning the flame of discontentment within the hearts of His people so we will not settle for less than He has for us. So what you feel brooding within your spirit is a Divine dissatisfaction. The seed bed for true revolution is dissatisfied people, reaching a place of radical reaction, responding to the lack of action. It’s high time to awake, to arise, and advance.


March 17, 2018


In the 5 days I was on the East Coast so much occurred that when I was speaking to family, friends, and ministry about it, it literally felt like some of these things happened 5 years ago… so much was compressed into this small window of time. While I was in NY on Tuesday a line of strong winds blew through NY-CT quickly. I believe it was symbolic of what the Spirit of God is doing there.

God is bringing sweeping changes to the East Coast… There is a fresh wind blowing and an uprooting that has taken place. God has released a wind from His Throne that is engulfing the 2nd heaven and has turned over thrones of wickedness … There is a shift of power coming to the East Coast from that of wickedness to righteousness! God’s Throne is being established and His glory will be revealed!
As I heard from family and saw the pictures of what happened I felt the Lord say, “I AM blowing on the people of New England and what has held them up, held them back, or held them captive is being blown away.” Those things that have been buried, hidden, are being revealed so His people can be healed.

There is a great shift that has been and is occurring in the North East. A great release is coming! A coming up, a coming out, a coming over. The winds have helped uproot and expose what has held you back and now there is a shift, a moving forward that is coming!

Like the adage, “Cant see the forest for the trees” many have not had a clear line of sight and has kept them from walking in their divine purpose. Trees of bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness… Trees of ambition, pride, selfishness… Trees of fear, doubt, lack… Trees of tradition, religion, self-righteousness… The trees that have blocked your vision have been blown down so you can now see clearer, farther, what it is that the Lord is doing in this season! Watch as great clarity of vision, even seeing in a new dimension comes in the days and weeks ahead.


March 08, 2018

I was reminded of a Word the Lord gave me back in September of 2013: “…Before the greatest paradigm shift in recorded history begins; “WHATEVER CAN BE SHAKEN WILL BE SHAKEN”. Yet, as the writer of Hebrews states in 12:27, “Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain.” You and I may be shaken but what will remain is what James spoke of which is the peace of God, which surpasses understanding, will guard our hearts and minds through Christ and whatever things are true, are noble, are just, are pure, are lovely, of good report, of virtue will remain.”

There has been and will continue to be a shaking … God is not winking any longer and allowing that which man has made to remain. God has determined that He will strike and strike swiftly and suddenly.

God will shake those in the corporate world who have plotted the demise of His people and have persecuted the righteous. Politicians who have made a mockery of America and have weakened her will be removed and heard of no more. False preachers, who have cheapened the Word of God and His Gospel of Grace, who have been deceptive and preached a Word of comfort and ease, who have engaged in illicit activities in secret will be exposed and removed from the public platform.

God has waited, He has been patient; but no more… He gave you time to stop playing church. He looked away in hopes we would come to our senses. In His benevolence He blessed you and showered you with His goodness, but you did not repent. No, it became a license for licentious living and enabled you to go deeper into counterfeit Christianity.

The America church has been found wanting and is guilty of great crimes against the Holy Spirit. We told Him to leave. We did not want to hear Him. We wanted to create our own form of Christianity. We have de-evolved into a spectacle, a show, with lights and smoke machines, and worship leaders in skinny jeans. We have added more and more programs to the church and removed more and more of God’s presence.

The church of America has traded God’s POWER for PROGRAMS. We have searched to be RELEVANT rather than REVELATORY. We have preached COMFORT more than CONFLICT. Our goal has been to be SEEKER-FRIENDLY rather than SEEK GOD. We have sought the APPROVAL of man rather than the ANOINTING of God! But, My Friends, God has declared it, “Whatever can be shaken will be shaken!” There is a REFORMATION coming to America! REVIVAL is coming to America! REPENTANCE is coming to America! We are headed for a COLLISION with the CROSS and it is going to be GLORIOUS!!

The prophetic promises that have been decreed shall now come to pass… That which man has despised God will raise up and call blessed! Watch as God raises up the overlooked, the seeming “nobodies” who will speak with great power and authority. Watch as God raises up the small churches and become glory centers where the miraculous occurs. Miracles, miracles, miracles! Signs and wonders, mass healings are coming as a declaration of the One true God and to draw in the global harvest of souls.


January 08, 2018

There is a fresh encounter with Christ that is coming and He is bringing and releasing a breaker anointing upon His people who will walk in a new level of anointing and authority.

God is dealing with people’s hearts… He is endeavouring to reveal those areas of discouragement of disappointment that have taken root and the enemy has used to try and take people out… out of His presence, out of their purpose, out of His peace, out of His joy, out of agreement with the Father’s love for them.

But it has all been a set up… God is setting His people ablaze with passion for Him. He is raising up His Firestarters. For those who have been marginalized, who have been isolated, who have been slandered, betrayed who have pressed in and on there is a fresh fire coming to their hearts. Their hearts are going to burn for Jesus like at the first. There is a fresh impartation, an activation, and revelation that is coming. The matter of identity is going to be solidified in their hearts. The matter of the Father’s unconditional love is going to be resolute within their hearts. Jesus is going to come alive in a new way within the hearts of His people. This is going to shift His people from living in fear, with insecurity, and without confidence into a bold, impassioned, people of faith.

The opposition, the resistance, you have faced has all been boot camp for the next level. While you have prayed for God to change those people, places, and things around you God has been digging, strengthening, building within you … 

You are about to have a coming out party! You are coming out in power, with newfound strength, and passion to finish your course.

The enemy thought he was chasing you away from your promise, your destiny, your inheritance, but he was merely propelling you toward your Promised Land!”


December 31st, 2017

2018 is The Year of the Door! NEW! NEW! NEW! New Doors! New opportunities! New worship! New vision!

It is time to shut old doors of tradition, of religion, of worship, and to do away with old religious structures! As the door is shut on the old a new door is opened to you! That will bring a fresh wind, a new sound, a new confidence, a new zeal, and fresh revelation from the Throne of the Father!

In an extremely powerful prophetic encounter The Lord Jesus Christ, said “I give you My personal permission to attempt to exaggerate what I am about to do!” Amazed by this remarkable suggestion, I asked Him for a Scripture reference. The Lord Jesus promptly answered, “No problem!” and spoke these verses from Ephesians 3:20-21, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

Consider the Message Bible’s version of this Scripture: “God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, His Spirit deeply and gently within us.”

Exceedingly Abundant Plans for Your Life

Think BIG! These are days of advance, it’s time to remove the lids of limitation by expanding our expectations. Start believing for greater exploits from God and for God. Beloved saints, God desires to take you to new levels of victory in every area of your life, spirit, soul and body (Romans 8:37).

I can tell you with great confidence that the very best days for the people of God are right before us—not behind us! Indeed, God can do anything (Genesis 18:14) and has outstanding plans for each and every one of us, plans that are “exceedingly abundantly” more wonderful and sure than we could ever imagine or guess or request!

We simply cannot exaggerate what He is about to do because His work in our hearts and lives will always surpass all that we could possibly think or imagine! God’s declaration in Habakkuk 1:5 is still for us today! He can work a work in our day that will be so awesome and amazing we will truly be awestruck!

God’s spectacular plans for you are only for your good (Jeremiah 29:11). Even if you are facing great hardship, take heart: we have His precious promises as our comfort, joy and security. No matter what trial you are experiencing—in your health, finances, marriage, children or with your loved ones—God has unimaginably great blessings in store for you as you simply turn to Jesus, to His Spirit within you and His living Word (Romans 8:28). We know that every one of His promises are true: His Word promises a certain, divine turnaround. All heaven and earth may pass away, but God’s Word never fails you! Never, no, never!

Exceedingly Abundant Intimacy

The Lord specifically wants to increase your capacity for intimate communion with Him. He longs to speak to you “deep unto deep,” Spirit to spirit. Just as the Lord promised the prophet Jeremiah, He assures us that He will answer our cries to know Him and commune with our Maker: “Call unto Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you know not.” This word translated mighty (Strong’s 1219) is from the Hebrew bâtsar, which means to be isolated, inaccessible by height or fortification, fenced, walled up. The Lord is saying here that if we call to Him, He will absolutely reveal what has been inaccessible to us, the “mysteries of the Kingdom” secured within His magnificent heart of love, that which has been “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think”!

Cry out, beloved, with the Apostle Paul, “That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto his death…”(Philippians 3:10). He will answer this prayer in a measure that exceeds your wildest dreams!

Exceedingly Abundant Wisdom

The Lord Jesus Christ also wants to give you “exceedingly abundantly above all” of His wisdom so you can make better decisions. Consider James 1:5: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” In Psalm 32:8, we have His promise: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shalt go: I will guide you with my eye.” This is a sure word of prophecy! We have the Word of the Lord and the mind of Christ to provide abundant, extravagant wisdom every hour of our lives.

Take this Scripture to heart: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5). This Hebrew word translated lean is Strong’s 8172, shâ’an, which means to lean, lie, rely, rest on, stay. We are called to stay and rest upon the promises of our God, the mind of Christ, not upon our own reasoning or observations, however well meaning. This is a call to extravagant dependency, childlike faith and trust. If we offer the Lord our exceedingly abundant leaning, relying, resting and trusting, He will respond with His exceedingly abundant wisdom and guidance!

Exceedingly Abundant Anointing

Christ also longs to give you a stronger anointing so you can have greater influence for the Kingdom. Consider Psalm 92:10: “But my horn (emblem of excessive strength and stately grace) You have exalted like that of a wild ox; I am anointed with fresh oil.”
Having “exceedingly abundant” anointing for every occasion, empowers us to work the works of God on earth, for “He that says he abides in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.” This superabundant anointing not only empowers to perform the very same signs, wonders and miracles as our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, but enables us to understand His will and speak His truth in every situation.

Meditate on this most amazing promise from the Lord: “…you have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.” The Hebrew word translated “unction” in this verse is Strong’s 5545, the Greek chrisma, derived from chrio (Strong’s 5548), which means to smear or rub with oil; to consecrate to an office or religious service; to anoint. We have been smeared with the Holy Spirit, consecrated to the office of royal priest and king to serve our Lord God! This anointing is given freely, liberally, exceedingly abundantly to you, dear saint. Believe this promise and begin to act on the unction that has already been given to you, to work the works of the Kingdom on earth.

Exceedingly Abundant Provision

Your Father God also wants to bless you with exceedingly abundant provision in your finances and ministry—workplace so you can be a greater blessing to others (2 Corinthians 9:6-8). Christ Jesus states if we are faithful in our giving, others will give back to us in an overwhelming manner (Luke 6:38).

I urge you, dear believer: when faced with outstanding bills and debt or problems in your workplace, ministry or investments, do not become stuck, weak, impotent, stagnant or paralyzed in the same old ruts of fear, doubt and unbelief. Submit to the God of peace, resist these demons and they will flee from you (James 4:7): remember, these “emotions” of fear and anxiety are not just negative emotions but actual demonic spirits and strongholds with an assignment to destroy your life and rob you of your destiny. Instead of receiving and agreeing with these demons of fear and unbelief, receive instead His Holy Spirit and His precious promises regarding His provision for you. Never doubt this fact that the greater power of God lives within you (1 John 4:4).

Friends, His Word is rock-solid truth. Stand on that Rock of Christ and begin to act accordingly, casting all your cares on God, giving abundantly and freely to others as the Spirit leads, and rejoicing greatly that your Father is certainly doing “exceedingly more” than you can ask or imagine in your finances, career, ministry and investments. Do not look at the news from Wall Street, the global markets’ ups and downs or the financial forecasts offered by mere mortals—but look to your eternal, omnipotent and omniscient Creator to release abundant provision into your life and the life of your loved ones!

Exceedingly Abundant Glory

The Lord Jesus Christ is inviting you to lift your vision up and above your natural circumstances and situations to fix your eyes on Him and His Word alone (Psalms 34:5). As we do this, beloved, we can expect to see the exceedingly abundant glory of God fill the entire earth!

Above all else, accept His invitation to come up higher into the realms of glory (Revelation 4:1-2) by focusing on Christ your Provider, Redeemer, Deliverer, Guide and Healer. Do not focus and dwell on your difficulties, no matter how painful this may be to your flesh (Isaiah 26:3).

God is inviting you to turn your eyes upon Jesus and away from your natural, earthly challenges because He has brand new frontiers of the Spirit for you to explore and higher mountains of faith and glory to climb!

Your walk with Christ should never be monotonous or mundane; on the contrary, it can be filled with “exceedingly abundant” adventures and exciting exploits beyond what we can imagine. Each day with Jesus can bring thrills and great excitement about His ever-increasing glory upon the earth and within each and every one of us. Every day, we are invited to fall more and more in love with our precious King and beloved Savior.

There is so much more to life in Christ than we can ever imagine (Psalms 36:9). In His Presence, we find true fulfillment and lasting joy, “joy unspeakable and full of glory” (Psalms 16:11, 1 Peter 1:8). Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the trials of this world; rather, choose this day to bask in the radiance of His glory, believing in the “exceedingly abundant” love, mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ within you!

Be a bright beacon of hope in a world filled with despair, let your light of victory in Christ Jesus shine bright and brighter this year!


December 21st, 2017

“I decree and declare that your times and seasons are in the hands of the Lord and they shall not be altered or adjusted by anyone or anything. 

I decree and declare that you will function under the anointing of the Sons of Issachar, and that God will give you the divine ability to accurately discern your set times and seasons.

I pray that you will not lose any ground or territory gained in this season.

Father, you have given us all a great work to accomplish. I war for the releasing of finances and all resources that belong to us. Everything prepared for us before the foundation of the world, that pertains to our lives, our family, our ministries, our calling, and godliness comes to us now. We will not be denied. We will not accept substitutes or the counterfeit. I call in resources from the north, south, east, and west. 

I decree and declare that every resource necessary for us to fulfill God’s plans and purposes comes to us now, without delay.

And I decree that our set times of favor will not be frustrated and that success and progress is ours in the name of Jesus.”


November 16th, 2017

“But a sudden good break can turn life around.” Proverbs 13:12 MSG

It is time for you to Prophe”say” the Word over your life so you may Prophe”see” it and Prophe”seize” it today!

(for the law made nothing perfect), and a better hope is introduced, by which we draw near to God. – Hebrews 7:19 NIV,

Friends, “It is TIME to draw near” and “It is all about to change” and had asked are you ready for the divine collisions, the divine interruptions, that are coming? Are you ready for the “Suddenly” moments that are coming? God is going to open up NEW opportunities, release miracles and answer prayers SUDDENLY. We need to open our hearts & minds to embrace these SUDDENLY Moments that the Holy Spirit leads us through.

The misconception, misperception that have occurred walking out he will of God has been a season of preparation for promotion. God has had you in the fiery crucible to prepare your character, to increase the anointing, and solidify your identity in Him.

It was the will of God that took Joseph out of the pit, God used the false accusations and prison to prepare him for the palace. Through it all Joseph never lost his dream. He kept his vision alive. The issue for many is that they have lost vision and have succumbed to the first part of Proverbs 13:12: “Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick”. There are many who have lost their vision and have cast off restraint. They have traded the light for the darkness. They have lost their zeal and motivation and have been covered in a cloak of oppression, of depression, and are going through the motions without emotions. If this is you, you need to cry out to God for a fresh vision and hold on to it as if your life depended on it because IT DOES. It is faithfulness to the vision that will keep you. It is the vision that speaks to your purpose and destiny.

The good news is there is a GREAT BIG BUT there and for those of you who will open your heart this is the time to grab it and hold it as a now word for you!

“but a sudden good break can turn life around.”

Look at Elisha, he was set on a collision course between the mundane and the holy. He was plowing in the field, doing what he would normally do on any given day, when SUDDENLY the Prophet cast a mantle upon him. IF Elisha did not recognize this moment was a Divine collision he would have missed his destiny. There are Divine interruptions coming into our lives. Things that we have been praying, declaring and sensing in the spirit will be opened in a moment.

This is a time of revealing, I am pulling back the curtain, the hidden things shall be revealed. … This has been a time of preparation, I have prepared their hearts for elevation, many have not understood why I did not bring them forth sooner into the place that I have revealed to them in the secret place. …

My glory is about to be revealed in a new way, do not look at the old pattern, the old way, I am not in the old, I am in the new. My love will flow through yielded vessels, My heart will be revealed to the nations. Signs and wonders, signs and wonders, signs and wonders will be on many lips.

The mantle of Elisha, the double portion, is being cast and to those who will pick it up they will minister with great power. They will go into the dark places, the dark corners of the earth and bring a great harvest of souls. Reformation is come. Revival will come forth from unlikely places, those places that others have said, “Can anything good come from here?!”

… I will use people who have a heart for Me and their face is looking upon Me, who are seeking Me. These are the ones who have grabbed the key in this hour, they are not afraid of man or his influence, they will not be distracted or discouraged from their purpose. They will simply obey Me and continue to seek Me and they will burn, not burn out or burn up, but burn with My eternal flame. They will be called “Fire-starters”.


November 15th, 2017

I have shared over the last year that there are many who have been through a Wilderness Experience. A season of pruning and a stripping away of many things.  For many it has been a season of despair, a time of laying down of things, a sense of loss and yet it is in these very moments that what may have seemed to be lost and dead may be found and come alive!

Remember, Even though Jesus was God’s Son, he learned obedience from the things he suffered. Hebrews 5:8

Sometimes we forget that as we grow into our identities as His son or daughter, that we will go through many of the things Jesus did, in our way, because we are being made into His image; a full expression, a right reflection!  These times are painful and can be confusing and yet we must learn to trust Him, to lean on Him, to depend on Him.  God will use betrayals, rejections, character assassinations, and more, in order to get us the end of self; but, in these things we know Jesus Himself endured this process.

Many of you are going through this very thing and I hear Him saying to you, “Beloved I was betrayed.  I was rejected.  I was wounded.  I was crushed.  I became a man of no reputation.  I lived and breathed to do My Father’s will.  Christ be formed in you.  In order to be an agent of change … You must be changed! You are a carrier of My fire and My glory.  This is NOT the end of your story but merely a season of transition and in order for there to be resurrection there must first be a death!”

Many of you feel like the wind has been knocked out of you, your hands are stiff and they ache from the battles of hopelessness and despair you have fought.  You feel like you’ve been left standing all alone.  Your life has every appearance of looking like it’s over and done.   You feel there’s no way your dreams are ever going to come to pass.  You don’t know how to trust again, to live again, to hope again, to get up again, and you don’t even know if you want to. But it’s not over!  You need to look again! 

How can you help others who have lost everything unless you have experienced loss? How will you raise the dead unless you have experienced death? How will you have the love and compassion to help others unless you have known the pain of betrayal, of rejection, of loneliness, of being wounded?

God is working all your tragedies into victories! Everything that has appeared to be falling apart was actually God bringing it all together! Your life will not look or be the same – but Jesus didn’t look the same when He arose! You’re coming up from the ashes with resurrection power and as a living epistle of His glory!

All that hurt, the pain, the suffering, the rejection you have faced as you stood for all the world to see, reduced to nothing, is about to bring God SO MUCH GLORY!  The wilderness season is over and the Promised Land is here.  You are going to see the new growth, the glory of the Lord is going to shine through you and you will be as a living epistle for all men to read!


October 17th, 2017

Some 7 years ago I preached a sermon on Father’s Day and recently in an open vision was reminded of this … Jesus ministry was established in the love of the Father toward Him… Mt. 3:17

More and more ministries are formed out of the pain of unfulfilled sons rather than the joy of fulfilled fathers who have come to see the sons and daughters they have raised are ready to receive their inheritance and be established elsewhere… Like Jesus’ ministry, it needs to be rooted in love if it is to flourish and grow.

Church leaders who walk in insecurity and jealousy are not rooted in the love of the Father so those who carry zeal and passion for Jesus Christ and the advancement of His kingdom are always perceived as a threat to the status quo. 

There is an all out assault from the enemy to silence the new breed of Firestarters that God is raising in this hour. This new breed of leaders operate in the spirit of David and have a deep rooted love for God and a passion for Christ to be made manifest in the earth today. The spirit that operated through Saul is operating through the religious establishment that wants to maintain their position and preeminence. What they fail to realize is the harder they make it on this new breed of warriors the further they press into the presence of God and the greater the intimacy and level of prayer, of worship, and the place of encounter. Their focus is on the manifestation of God’s presence and His glory. 

There is a radical shift coming to the Church, a deep hunger and dissatisfaction has been rising in the body of Christ and the new breed of Firestarters will usher in a fresh move of God’s Spirit in the manner David did with the Tent of meeting. There will come great freedom and liberty to move and operate without the restraint and constriction of the religious spirit which seeks to stop the move of God. 

There is a clash between the those who operate in the spirit of Saul and those who operate in the spirit of David coming, but just as God was with David so too the Lord will be with this new breed of Davidic leaders and Firestarters. The Lord shall fight for them and they will walk in a dimension of great favor and victory. There shall come great joy and deliverance in the days ahead and a release of miraculous power. There will be new songs, a new sound, a new level of intimacy and a spirit of prayer released that will empower the harvesters to bring in the lost, the wounded, the marginalized, and forgotten.


September 30th, 2017

So much happening in the spirit right now… Had a night of intense dreams I woke up physically shaking and I am still trying to process everything I heard and saw… What I can say is there is a convergence, a confluence, occurring in the spirit… and it is going to be glorious!

The Lord says, “Many have been disenchanted with the prophetic movement for some time and it is impart because many of My prophets have become comfortable and have settled in a land that is now overpopulated by the Body of Christ and the Body is looking for the “New”, for the “Future”, for the “Next place” to inhabit … and I say, “It is time for My Prophets to go where no man has gone before…”.

In this dream I was reminded of a word shared some 5 or 6 years ago that when the Body learns to “rest” in Him we will accomplish more within a year then we did alone in 10 years.

There is a momentum coming and what I heard is, “It’s time to rise and to go through the DOOR with the Lord into the NEW LAND He has for us. My grace has lifted and has moved from the shallow end … It is time to go deeper … Deep is calling unto deep.”

In this Season we are going to learn to live be as John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, lived… We are going to learn to lay or head on Jesus’ bosom and listen to His heartbeat… Jesus is going to become irresistible to you and this is going to open the DOOR to what I shared in August … Doors of Movement, Doors of Supernatural Miracles and Power, Doors to His ever increasing, ever abounding Presence…


September 10th, 2017

A friend asked what do you make of all this…. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Wildfires … People shouting, “This is God’s Judgment and wrath” and, while I have shared my opinions of how I feel about what some in the church have said and done, I have not expressed what I feel the Spirit of God is saying…

This is what I heard the Lord say, “Look at the nations and watch– and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” Habakkuk 1:5

What I believe the Lord is doing is similar to that of Elijah before the anointing and appointing of Elisha in 1 Kings 19…

Then a great and powerful WIND tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, BUT THE LORD WAS NOT IN THE WIND. After the wind there was an EARTHQUAKE, BUT THE LORD WAS NOT IN THE EARTHQUAKE. After the earthquake came a FIRE, BUT THE LORD WAS NOT IN THE FIRE. And after the fire came a GENTLE WHISPER… The Lord said to him, “Go back the way you came, and … anoint Hazael king over Aram… anoint Jehu son of Nimshi king over Israel, and anoint Elisha to succeed you as prophet.

The Wind: God is blowing out the old to bring the new. God wants us to forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. Because God is doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19). For no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new wine will burst the skins, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, new wine must be poured into new wineskins. (Luke 5:37-38).

The Earthquakes: God is shaking all that can be shaken to remove what can be shaken–that is, created things–so that what cannot be shaken may remain. (Hebrews 12:27). And so, your gift will return to you good measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. (Luke 6:38).

The Fire: He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. (Matthew 3:11). All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them. They were utterly amazed… (Acts 2:3,4,7).

So, what does all this mean?!!

Many in the Body of Christ have murmured and complained because the Lord have not manifested in the time or way they thought He would or should and as a result many have chosen their own way. As a result, leanness has come to their souls. They are out of touch with what I am doing and are unable to speak into what I am doing because they do not understand it.

They have concluded that God’s Spirit cannot accomplish what He has promised. Many have surrendered to the predictable and have learned to look at the obvious rather than to the Great I AM. I truly believe that the Spirit of God will not contend with unbelieving men forever. I also believe the Spirit of God is about to break out of people’s preconceived ideas and the mold in which they have tried to place Him. The Holy Spirit is going to break out where there is faith and anticipation. We are entering the time of the “Unusual”, due to the lateness of the hour, God will move in a way that is unlike any other in recorded history.

I then heard Him say, “I have a people that have not bowed their knee to Baal or worshipped at the altars of Jezebel. I know My people, and I know where My people are, I have heard and seen their desperation, and I am overseeing My work in the nations of the earth. My Spirit will move swiftly and this move of My Spirit will not be contained. I will take the most unlikely of people, the no-names and make them pillars in My Temple. Those that others have rejected, have criticized and deemed unfit, I am now turning to and placing an unquenchable fire within their hearts. I will endow them with supernatural wisdom and power. I am giving them visions, and they will amaze others because of the abilities I am going to place within them. As My Spirit moves, there will be little time to chronicle My miracles, signs and wonders. The miracles, signs and wonders will break out so suddenly and become so widespread that the cynic and the jaded will come to believe in My name and in My power.”

I am reminded once again of a word shared years ago, “Shock and Awe is coming to the earth. My glory is coming to flood the earth. The miraculous will be common. Healings will not be contained. It will break out! Children will pray for the dead and they will live. I will not be confined and My power will break out in the most unexpected places and through the most unexpected people. They will be accused of being irreverent and not of Me; but, I will defend them and they will be vindicated.”


September 5th, 2017

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM” 2 Cor 3:17

This freedom is God’s freedom to reveal Himself to mankind, to make humanity accessible to Himself, and to make them, on their part, free for Him. The One who does this is the Spirit of God.

We are told in John 4:1, “Dear friends, do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world.”

There are other spirits some created to do good by God and there are demonic, erring, and disruptive spirits which need to be driven out. BUT none of them are The Sovereign POWER that is spoken of above… None of them, not even the best amongst them, can it be said, “that where they are there is FREEDOM.” They must all be tested for the direction of their current, for their source from above or below. Above all, they must again and again be distinguished from the Spirit that, working in the ambiance of divine freedom, creates human freedom…


August 27th, 2017

EVERYTHING God does is through the lens of ETERNITY. He isn’t merely looking at you in your current circumstance or even in your future … While He is concerned for you individually, He looks and operates generationally… He looks 3, 4, 5 generations down the line… He is orchestrating events of history through our obedience (or lack of it) to His end. So, EVERYTHING God does is for a present BUT far GREATER purpose in the FUTURE…

Look at King Saul, God tells him to wipe out the Amalekites in order to fulfill a mandate given to Israel through Moses some 380 years earlier (Deut. 25). Saul disobeys God and lets King Agag live …. Now, jump ahead some 550 years to the Book of Esther where we find the main antagonist of the story, Haman. Who is Haman related too?! King Agag. What did Haman want to do? Haman wanted to wipe out the entire Jewish race.

Mordecai didn’t realize how prophetic he was when he said, “For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

Esther was raised up “for such a time as this” because a man refused to fulfill the mandate and obey the command of the Lord some 550 years earlier … Do you think Esther was thinking about that or was even aware of Saul’s disobedience?! I doubt it…

And there are countless other accounts of extraordinary women of faith who did what a man refused to do. Both in the Bible and throughout history. Women like Deborah, Jael, Abigal, Rahab, up to and through the present, Kathryn Kuhlman, Aimee Semple McPherson to name a few.

My point is this, who knows what your obedience or lack of will help or hinder God’s orchestrated eternal design or who it will bring to the forefront of history. What I do know is that the more we intentionally CULTIVATE a MAGNIFIED view of God. The BIGGER our view of God becomes and the GREATER our expectation of good from God in EVERY area of our life and our future generations lives BECOMES!


August 16th, 2017

Since the end of last year there has been an increase in momentum in the things of the spirit. There are many who have been through a very long Wilderness Season. They have endured adversity, isolation, and being misunderstood, falsely accused and under-utilized. They have been stripped of their self-reliance, their pride, their need of validation from men, and their desire for renowned. They have no desire to impress men; but, to glorify God. They have had an encounter with the great “I AM” and as such their motivations have changed. They no longer need to perform, no longer see God as a Master to be pleased; but, a loving Father who has placed His fire within their hearts for humanity to come into the fullness of their identity.

The Lord says, “I have seen your secret toil. I have heard your cries. Now hear Mine, ‘Arise and I will empower you. Arise and leap into the future that I have ordained for you. I’ve seen your heart and I have given all you have need of to defeat the giants in the Land so you may enjoy the spoils of victory.’ I shall make your enemies provide the resources you need in this season and you will say, ‘Our enemy has poured abundance upon us. We have more due to war.’”

The Lord says, “I am opening new doors in the Season. They are doors of acceleration, doors of movement, doors of power, doors of great increase, doors to the supernatural. Doors to the new movement are now open. Do not waste the Doors I have opened to you. Do not waste these next 3 years. It is time to move with Me. Don’t look at the lack, at the giants, at the naysayer, Look to Me… Look to My Word… Look to My promise …”

The Lord says, “Was I not with Jacob?! Was I not with him in the night time?! Did I not speak to his identity, to his destiny in the night season?! Did I not protect him because of the seed I planted in him in the night season?! Did I not fulfill My promise to him?! Did I not watch over him wherever he went and bring him back to the promised land? Will I not do the same for you?! You carry destiny within you. Allow Me to guide you on the journey. Just as I found Jacob in the wilderness I found you there and it was I who encircled you, who protected you, who cared for you … Now Move with My Spirit in this Season and watch what I do through you! Now is your time to enter your Promised Land and contend with the giants of the Land. Shift your focus from the demonic (giants) to the dynamic… from the toil to the spoil… As you do your faith will be ever increasing. Set your face like a flint and move into your new levels of purpose and destiny.”

What you have endured and what you are about to contend for is not merely for you but for the Body of Christ and the world…

The Lord says, “Multiplied grace is being poured out in this Season. Bound souls shall be set free. Captives in heart will be delivered. My Spirit is on the move and this movement will be one of power, of passion, and of purity. I will back it with signs, wonders and miracles. These will be NEW miracles, unprecedented miracles, shifting atmospheres, climates, declaring harvests in drought ridden lands. The sound of rain has come and the abundance will now spring forth. It is the time to leap into your future, into your destined time of victory, of plenty, of purpose and destiny. The door is open run through it!!”

“I am raising up a new breed of leaders. These are the obscure ones who have served Me faithfully and have not compromised My truth. These will now receive and I will advocate for them for these are they who come from My presence. These are they who were willing to look foolish for Me. These are they who did not bow to humanism to please a man. These are they who stood for Me and My Word. These are they that did not flinch. These are they that would not bend their knee to blended religion or wrong doctrine. They stood unashamed for Me; now I will stand unashamed for them. I will side with them. I have proclaimed their victory, and now I will oversee its completion.”


August 1st, 2017

There seems to be an all-out assault on the enemy bringing death to people’s futures. The enemy is scared and he is going to do whatever it takes to keep you from entering the new season God has for you.

Last night I had a dream where I saw masses of people young and old who were from all nations, all socioeconomic levels, that had been covered in what looked like soot. They were walking toward massive open doors. A brilliant, blinding, light was coming through the doors. On the left door engraved in gold was “FUTURE” and on the right, was “HOPE”. I could hear whispering coming from what seemed like everywhere, it was faint and hard to make out. The closer people got to the doors the louder the voices became.

The voices were telling these people, “They had no hope”; “They had missed their opportunities”; “Their life, their ministry, their marriage, their dream was over”; “That their circumstances will never change” … Some began to listen to the voices rather than look at the open doors. They began to turn away. They began to lose hope. They began to become despondent. Some began to lay down and quit. They began to come into agreement with what they heard and speak it over their lives, over their marriages, over their ministries, over their futures.

Friends, NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!! This is why the prophetic is so important! I want to remind you of the prophetic dream and word I shared back on November 5th:

I woke up today having had several intense dreams, my mind is still whirling and my body feels like I went 12 rounds with Pacquiao last night. While assimilating all that happened and attempting to connect the dots what I will begin with is:

“What I heard ….


There is much activity surrounding people concerning their future. I could hear the noise, the static, coming against God’s people shouting that “their hopes and dreams were dead”; that “they have missed their opportunities and would not breakthrough”; that “they are about to be disappointed again”; on and on the barrage was endless and the noise was excruciating!

Because the noise was so loud it created, much like a migraine, a sensitivity to Light and it blurred vision. As a result, people were ready to quit, to give up, to leave the vision God had given them. The noise coming against them screaming, “you are stuck!!”; “you are staying in the same season!!”; “you are staying in the same bondage!!”; “nothing is going to shift or change!!”; “you missed it!!”; “it is too late!!”

I then heard a large gavel strike. I knew this was God’s hammer being brought down, immediately, the noise stopped. God then said, “ENOUGH”. I felt a sense of finality surround me. This was the end of the assault; the onslaught and the noise was silenced. I saw the people of God rising they could see clearly, and could move with a new sense of courage, boldness, fearlessness and with new authority.

The truth is… Breakthrough is here. Your new day has dawned and it will look nothing like the days of old. What has held you back in the past will be nowhere to be found in this new season. Total restoration, complete freedom is upon you.

Now is not the time to listen to the lies BUT to LISTEN TO GOD’S TRUTH AND STAND ON IT.  The only power the enemy has is the power of your agreement with his lies.


This is your season, this is your time. There is a HOPE and a FUTURE for you and your marriage, your ministry, your vision, your dreams. Walk through the Doors. They are open and when you do you will leave behind all that is from the old, dead, season. I felt the Lord wanting to encourage His people that we are now entering the MIDNIGHT ZONE!!!! The STRIKING of the CLOCK OF HEAVEN to bring the GREATEST SHIFT we have seen PERSONALLY and CORPORATELY into a greater manifestation of the NEW DAY and SEASON upon us…”


July 22nd, 2017

“Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” Habakkuk 1:5

This has been rolling in my spirit the last 3 days … It is a word for the Skeptic, the Cynic, and the Jaded…

One doesn’t need to look far to see that our culture has become disillusioned, skeptical, with a strong sense of unfulfillment. They’re cynical, disbelieving, apathetic, overwhelmed, hardened and jaded. These feelings and attitudes have infiltrated the Church and many have become confused, angry, disenchanted, and riddled with disbelief. They’re cynical of His prophets, of His promises, and have become dulled and lulled to sleep by the vicissitudes of life.

Many have asked, “Where are the promises the prophets have spoken of?”

I heard the Lord say, “Because I have not manifested in the time or way they thought I would or should many have turned their backs on My Spirit and My presence and they have chosen their own way. As a result, leanness has come to their souls. They are out of touch with what I am doing and are unable to speak into what I am doing because they do not understand it.”

They have concluded that God’s Spirit cannot accomplish what He has promised. Many have surrendered to the predictable and have learned to look at the obvious rather than to the Great I AM. I truly believe that the Spirit of God will not contend with unbelieving men forever. I also believe the Spirit of God is about to break out of people’s preconceived ideas and the mold in which they have tried to place Him. The Holy Spirit is going to break out where there is faith and anticipation. We are entering the time of the “Unusual”, due to the lateness of the hour, God will move in a way that is unlike any other in recorded history.

I then heard Him say, “I have a people that have not bowed their knee to Baal or worshipped at the altars of Jezebel. I know My people, and I know where My people are, I have heard and seen their desperation, and I am overseeing My work in the nations of the earth. My Spirit will move swiftly and this move of My Spirit will not be contained. I will take the most unlikely of people, the no-names and make them pillars in My Temple. Those that others have rejected, have criticized and deemed unfit, I am now turning to and placing an unquenchable fire within their hearts. I will endow them with supernatural wisdom and power. I am giving them visions, and they will amaze others because of the abilities I am going to place within them. As My Spirit moves, there will be little time to chronicle My miracles, signs and wonders. The miracles, signs and wonders will break out so suddenly and become so widespread that the cynic and the jaded will come to believe in My name and in My power.”

I am reminded once again of a word shared years ago, “Shock and Awe is coming to the earth. My glory is coming to flood the earth. The miraculous will be common. Healings will not be contained. It will break out! Children will pray for the dead and they will live. I will not be confined and My power will break out in the most unexpected places and through the most unexpected people. They will be accused of being irreverent and not of Me; but, I will defend them and they will be vindicated.”

Because many have become jaded and cynical they have disregarded the leading of the Holy Spirit and have restricted His movement. Those who continue to choke and contain the moving of His Spirit will be removed and forgotten.

The Lord says, “Again, I say, I will not be contained. I am not in your darkness. I am in the light, and the light is shining right now in your dark places. Stop ignoring My voice. Stop hardening your heart. Allow My light to shine in those places you have concealed, you have covered over, with your shame and guilt and be free, be healed, that you may break forth in newness and life. I am unfolding secrets to My people even now, as of this moment, I desire to make My mysteries understandable. I desire that My sons and daughters will know Me and make Me known as a loving heavenly Father to this generation.”

Truly, this is the most exciting times to be alive. We are entering the days that the prophets have foretold. Now is the time to be strong and to be vigilant. Now is the time to come under subjection and allow God’s Spirit to reveal Himself in you and through you.


December 17th, 2016

The Lord has given me Isaiah 49 as the passage for 2017.

Listen to me, all you in distant lands! Pay attention, you who are far away! The LORD called me before my birth; from within the womb He called me by name. He made my words of judgment as sharp as a sword. He has hidden me in the shadow of his hand. I am like a sharp arrow in his quiver. He said to me, “You are my servant, Israel, and you will bring me glory.” I replied, “But my work seems so useless! I have spent my strength for nothing and to no purpose. Yet I leave it all in the LORD’s hand; I will trust God for my reward.” And now the LORD speaks—the one who formed me in my mother’s womb to be his servant, who commissioned me to bring Israel back to him. The LORD has honored me, and my God has given me strength. He says, “You will do more than restore the people of Israel to me. I will make you a light to the Gentiles, and you will bring my salvation to the ends of the earth.” The LORD, the Redeemer and Holy One of Israel, says to the one who is despised and rejected by the nations, to the one who is the servant of rulers: “Kings will stand at attention when you pass by. Princes will also bow low because of the lord, the faithful one, the Holy One of Israel, who has chosen you.” Isaiah 49:1-7

In brief, this is the Year of the Sword of the LORD. The Sword is cutting away that which is dead and has drained life and energies from fulfilling your purpose. Anything that has impeded your progress by standing in our way will be cut away. There is a cutting away of those who have despised, attempted to destroy, and/or undermined your calling. It is the removal of these things and people that will prepare you for the next stage of your work in Him. This is a time of completion, of commissioning, of restoration, of promotion. A year of establishing new boundaries, new dimensions of His glory.

The Lord has said, “I am changing your boundaries from the last season. They will now take new shape. As we end one year and begin a new there is an anointing to finish strong. In the next two weeks you will see many things summed up, and a new boundary established. I will reposition the people that will run with you in days ahead. Look for those I will bring into your boundaries for these are the ones who will enable you to gain strength and possess the new territory I am giving you. Press into My presence there is a new dimension is awaiting you.”


October 16th, 2016

There is a shift occurring… This is a season of suddenly moments… I hear Transition… I hear Promotion… New Territory… New Mantels…

This is a time of realignment for some and new assignments for others.

For some there is a realignment coming to you. You made decisions that looked good or you thought would bring you popularity, promotion, and provision yet you didn’t recognize your anointing, your destiny was tied to the spiritual authority you walked away from. Even when you miss God remember He can turn disaster into destiny. It’s never too late to have His will in your life. He’ll get you in line with his purpose. He wants you to fulfill your destiny more than you do! It is a season where reconciliation can occur and God will redeem the time getting you where He desired you to be from the beginning.

For others there are new assignments – You have been crying out for a shift, an uplift, to come and what once was seemingly too big, too heavy, and incapable of accomplishing you have now outgrown. You feel that to entertain the thought of promotion or moving forward may be disloyal or arrogant; but, know that God has placed this holy dissatisfaction within you and He has opened the eyes of those in authority to you… This is your time of favor…

“Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:5


June 29th, 2016

This is a time to “Discover and Recover”. There is such a strong prophetic flow and release of revelation, to set our course right now. The Lord began showing me something new that is coming, and how this is a key time to listen very carefully, and to move beyond our old mindsets, routines, and expectations so we can hear what He’s saying now. Look and listen for the new way He is directing you and how He is setting the course for what He’s calling you to do.

In this season the Lord is causing new identities to emerge in His children. Unless you are willing to receive God’s word about who He created you to be for this season, you will miss the unique favor He has for you now. There are many whose roles, their positions, are changing now. It is not going to be business as usual. The church is going to infiltrate the secular like never before. There is a coming and a going, an ebb and a flow, where people will gather together to experience His presence, to interconnect, and then be sent to places to gather His people. Today something new is happening!


May 14th, 2016

I woke up today having had several intense dreams, my mind is still whirling and my body feels like I went 12 rounds with Pacquiao last night. While assimilating all that happened and attempting to connect the dots what I will begin with:

What I heard ….


There is much activity surrounding people concerning their future. I could hear the noise, the static, coming against God’s people shouting that “their hopes and dreams were dead”; that “they have missed their opportunities and would not breakthrough”; that “they are about to be disappointed again”; on and on the barrage was endless and the noise was excruciating!

Because the noise was so loud it created, much like a migraine, a sensitivity to Light and it blurred vision. As a result, people were ready to quit, to give up, to leave the vision God had given them. The noise coming against them screaming, “you are stuck!!”; “you are staying in the same season!!”; “you are staying in the same bondage!!”; “nothing is going to shift or change!!”; “you missed it!!”; “it is too late!!”

I then heard a large gavel strike. I knew this was God’s hammer being brought down, immediately, the noise stopped. God then said, “ENOUGH”. I felt a sense of finality surround me. This was the end of the assault; the onslaught and the noise was silenced. I saw the people of God rising they could see clearly, and could move with a new sense of courage, boldness, fearlessness and with new authority.

The truth is… Breakthrough is here. Your new day has dawned and it will look nothing like the days of old. What has held you back in the past will be nowhere to be found in this new season. Total restoration, complete freedom is upon you.

Now what I saw…

I was in Australia talking with an old friend when I saw an angel with a golden tent peg in one hand and a sword in his other. He struck it in the southern coast of Australia. As he struck it in the ground I was immediately in the United States of America where I saw another angel with a golden tent peg in one hand and a sword in his other hand. He too struck it in the ground. The angel in the United States then tied a golden chord to the tent peg and flew to the peg in Australia and tied it there.

The angel began to pluck the chord in the United States it created a SOUND that would shake the enemy’s strongholds in Australia and angel began to pluck the chord in the Australia which created a SOUND that shook the enemy’s strongholds in the United States. There is a symmetry between these two nations. A partnership. These two nations have been called to stand together as spiritual allies. As the enemy began to lose his footing in these 2 nations he began to move faster, and more violently in other nations to cause his noise, his static, to distract and destroy the move of God from coming to those nations.

I then saw the people of God wake up, millions upon millions of them, from the United States and Australia, and they were in synch with the angels plucking the chord, in tune with the holy frequency, making a heavenly sound and calling out to humanity to, “Wake up, stand up, and take their rightful place as children of the most High”. As the sound grew it pushed out the noise of the enemy and those nations being distracted and destroyed were now being defended by the sound.

I believe these two nations are divinely intertwined for such a time as this. It is divine time for both of these nations to take their places. It is time to stand, it is time to contend, it is time to join together and see the noise of the enemy silenced by the sound of heaven. I believe that a Reformation is coming to these two nations along with some of the greatest demonstrations of God’s power. I also believe that there is a double portion coming to both of these nations due to the reciprocation, the cooperation and the support given by both these nations to each other that will only increase as they continue to align and echo the sound of heaven.

It is time for those who are awake, for those who have an ear to hear, to cry out, it is time to echo the sound of heaven and silence the noise from hell. It is time to re-see and believe. God is inviting America to partner with Him and to partner with Australia and call in what He wants to do. Call these nations to their destiny. One of the greatest moves of God is about to come upon these nations. It is time to stand together and commit to prayer and wage war, and watch as God will make a way where there seems to be no way.


January 23rd, 2016:

We are entering a season of intense shaking. This is the Lord’s doing. He is calling out and separating the nations. Over the next six months, the nation of the USA will be shaken.

“It is time for My people to rise up. They have been silent and have grown complacent for too long. I am developing a holy boldness in My people like never before. The time is fast approaching where sitting back and allowing others to lead, allowing others to “do the work” shall come to an end. My people will understand that faith without works is dead. I am rearranging many things in the political arena, the financial arena, the religious arena in this season. I will start shaking the Church and will bring a new anointing on the leaders of this land. I am looking for My Sheep. I will raise up a new group of people in this hour that will operate in a new-found freedom of My Spirit. There will be a freedom moving among My people. Deliverance is coming to the Church. Those things you have swept under the rug but have not gotten clean, those things that you have ordered according to your plans will be shaken. Remember the parable of the man who was delivered of demons and his house swept clean… because he did not fill it with the Spirit of God … the filthy spirit returned with friends and his last condition was worse than his first. There are many demonic hosts who are returning to occupy the order of the last season. I must unseat that order and rearrange you into My order. Don’t resist the shaking. A new move of healing is upon you”

“My Firestarters are being released in this season and will light the fuse that brings an explosion of My Spirit. There will be a sound that comes forth that will uncover what Satan has tried to hide. This is the time that I will realign the nation with My purposes. And those that will not allow MY SPIRIT to unlock their present order to move into the new will be unable to advance. This is the DAY that the Valley of Decision of nations will be determined by the sound and worship of My People. There will be a new sending anointing upon the nations that unlock My sound. I am developing the sound in those who will go! Get ready! This is the sound that I will disperse into the nations. My move will enter in and cross borders of many nations. I cannot be stopped. It is time to uncover what the enemy has covered over and move in boldness!”


September 15th, 2015

Hear me, in the days of Moses when the Israelites journeyed to the Promised Land they were not in want. They lacked nothing. Their shoes and their clothes did not wear out. They were in a state of Grace. They had no need whatsoever. I believe that those days are fast approaching once again. God is going to set His people free and the enemy is going to fill their coffers. They will lack nothing. They will be debt free. How many desire to be debt free? How many believe what I am saying? Remember, when Moses called the people to bring forth their offerings to build the temple? He had to stop them because they had more than enough. That is what I have seen with my eyes. This nation shall enter a period of time where they hear the words, “The giant of debt has fallen!”

I hear the Lord say, “This is a time of recovery. If My people who r called by My name would humble themselves and pray and turn from their own ways, then I will hear from heaven and heal their land. Many in the church are being crucified between 2 thieves. One is an erroneous religious system of man-made laws and the other is secular humanism. I am taking their strength, I am taking their breath, and I am breathing new life into My people. I am breathing new ideas and new life into their businesses, I am giving creative ideas into their artistry, their industry. There will be a light that shines forth in the days ahead that will bring collaboration and cooperation and bring great increase. It is time to step into and receive the promise I have for you.”

I have shared this before, about a year ago, that we are in the beginnings of a great Reformation. There have been those who get excited and agree, those who laugh and disagree, and those who have no idea what I am talking about and that is O.K. I am here to deliver what the Lord says and those who have an ear will take it and run, they will receive a prophet’s reward.

The Lord says, “It is time to recover. It is time to recover apostolic Christianity. It is time to return to the basics, to the foundational faith of the first church. There is much that I want to give the church before the great Day of the Lord. I want My people to receive from My hand; but, I must receive that which they have prepared from their hands first. I desire to show Myself within the lives of My people as a God who meets their needs and their wants but they must open their heart, open their mind, open their spirit to the new thing that I am doing. When I came the first time My people could have received the Kingdom but they rejected Me because I didn’t come in the manner that they perceived, that they thought I should. Today I am coming to you and I am saying to you, ‘Take the head off the giant of debt. This is your time to be free.”

You know there is a book that has been written that is very popular today, very popular. This book has brought to light the subject of the Shemitah. Many are talking about the Shemitah and that there is great judgment coming to the United States, that great evil is going to be cast upon our land… Have we forgotten what Christ has paid for?! Have we forgotten what He has done?! The first recorded words of Christ are, “I must be about My Father’s business” … His finally words on the Cross were, “It is FINISHED!” The business of the Father was completed by Christ on the Cross and what was that work? Jesus drank the cup of God’s righteous judgment and took our sin upon Himself that we may by faith be made righteous and redeemed. God is not looking to judge you but to bless you!

I said all that to say this, When I look at God’s people all I can see is His blessings upon them. We hear all these negative reports about the economy, about wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, the Shemitah. We hear people say, ‘This is God’s judgment.’ Give Him a break!! God isn’t doing this… The economy is failing because of the greed of wicked men; but God is about to turn that around, the wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes are signs of a spiritual battle and the earth waiting for the sons of God to manifest. I think of one of the greatest earthquakes ever recorded. This earthquake was brought on by 2 men who were bound together in a dark, cold, prison cell and at midnight began to praise their God and a great deliverance took place because of the shaking. The warden of the prison asked, “What must I do to be saved?!” The shaking that is occurring is for a reason. We want to hear the people of the world ask, “What must I do to be saved?!” There are many that God has chosen to invade the slums their heart and to give them life, to go to those who are ready to give up and give them hope and life… The question is, “Are you one of those people that God can use today?!”


August 28th, 2015

There is tension throughout the earth, nation after nation is in an uproar; but, the Spirit of God has said, “’The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.’ So why do My people speak in fear, walk in fear, why do they tremble as the media paints their picture of the world without Me in it?! All they see is doom and gloom; but, I have said, ‘Rejoice! For your redemption draws near.’ But what of ISIS, ISIL, IS?! What of Al Qaeda?! How do we stop them?”

The Spirit of God says, “They shall be exposed for there are traitors in their midst. There will be those exposed within this nation who conspired to help ISIS and other terrorist organizations. These that are caught in America will be called ‘Traitors’ by some and lauded as ‘Heroes’ by others. But I will make them of no effect. Their plans will come to naught. This exposure will result in a peeling the cover away from other nations too, Russia shall be exposed, and Iran shall be exposed. There are those in the governments of these 2 countries who are conspiring together and laughing at the United States because the President is making a pact with them. But I will have the last laugh.

“For I shall cause a great move of My Spirit in United States”, the Lord said, “People are praying for North Korea, Iran, China, for Russia, and many other nations to experience revival. Yet, they are unaware that My Spirit is moving in China and in Iran and the underground movement that is occurring in the church in China is growing faster than anywhere else in the world; the church in Iran is greater than the church in the West. It is this nation that needs a revival.” God says, “I am about to pour upon My people, those who have given, those who have sowed, those who have stood the test of time, I’m about to pour upon them unimaginable favor. I will heal bodies like I’ve never healed before. I will raise the dead, I will do signs and wonders like the world has never seen. I will begin in China, then I will move through Africa into the Middle East, and then I shall flame this country again.”


June 27th, 2015

This is my Birthday and I have prayed for this nation to receive a Birthday blessing. Many, for many that have cried out and said, “God will destroy this nation”, the Spirit says, “May I remind you of the covenant that I made with this nation? It is immutable… It is unchangeable. Do not forget the uniqueness of the covenant that I have made with this nation. Yes, they will be judged for the evil that they do, but can I take away a blessing that I have already imposed upon them, that I created and spoke before the world began, that I created and spoke over this nation to feed the world, to heal the earth, to evangelize the world.

God says, “Yes, judgment will come but not like you think it will. They have said, ’There shall be a crash and America shall be crippled’; but I say, ‘No. Not now! For I have raised you up for a season and there shall be seven years where I will take you out of contention with the enemy. You have been embattled for seven years, America. You have been surrounded by your internal enemies. Haters of America have stood up and they have said, ‘There are those in the church that are anti-Israel’; but, I say to you, ‘That there are many, many, more that are in the church that are anti-American and against what I am doing in this nation. I will give you a President that shall bring relief to your finances and I will transfer the wealth of the wicked into the hands of the righteous, those whom I trust, those who have given and poured out their blessing into My land and to My people”, says the Lord.

Do I think it’s right that the Supreme Court ruled in favor for same-sex marriage? No. Will punishment come? Yes. Am I happy that abortion was legalized? No, but I know one thing, His covenant is immutable. His omnipresence, His omnipotence, His omniscience, His immutability and His infallibility have all been combined together for our defense. The defense of this nation could never do what it is supposed to do regarding that which is coming against us for it is not without; but, within. And God says, “There have been curses sent from one voice after another saying, ‘Please let the nation crash!’ And you? What of you that have eaten from the fields of this nation? That have enjoyed the prosperity of this nation? What of you? Hypocrisy is a stench that has come to Me. I commanded you to pray for this nation, not curse it. And its due judgment will come when Israel comes to My Son. When Israel stands alone and nobody, not even this nation, stands with Israel, look to that as the sign of My coming. But to this day now, it is not that time. I will bring an amount of restoration to this nation and you shall be taken out of the siege that you’ve been in for seven years and I shall give you one that will rule, that shall take the finances and bring ease to the debt. The curse that has come has been self-imposed in many ways.”

What prophecy teachers are saying is not incorrect regarding the more wickedness and evil and even a crash, but when is the time? Everybody’s jumped on the Shemitah wagon, imposing what was on ancient Israel on this nation and you cannot. You can’t impose upon this nation that which was imposed upon ancient Israel. This nation was raised up for a specific purpose under God. It’s time to change your record. It’s time to break the tape. It’s time to play a new song, pray a new prayer, declare the truth that this nation is returning to God… That we are free, that we are blessed!


June 11th, 2015

So much is made of the Big Apple. So much attention, focus, and undue fear is projected upon this City. So, what is God’s plan for the New York? What does God say He will do to New York City? The plan of God for New York is for her to be protected. However, there are multiple attacks that are being planned right now but the biggest thing that’s concerning me is our young people. The young are being targeted, they are being incited, and I believe there is even a worse attack coming against the young people, especially in New York.

God has not forgotten America. Lord, we call out to You now. The principalities and powers that are planning these attacks against this city, I declare to you today that we stand in opposition to this presence of evil, we stand opposed to nations that stand against America and against Israel. We say, “You are powerless” as we pray, “Lord, I submit myself to You right now. I bow to you Jesus, knowing that Your kingdom is coming and that You will display Your excellency here. That You will once again display Your protection over this nation. We cry out to You and we call to You that You would protect the Big Apple, protect the East Coast, protect this nation and protect Israel. That every subversive action will be stopped, one after the other after the other. And we declare that it shall be done by the power of Christ and we give You praise and glory and honor. I give You thanks and praise, Lord God, for doing this and I thank You, thank You, and thank You again for allowing me to make this declaration and proclaim the safety and protection of Jesus, the Lord God. Amen.”


May 10th, 2015

Satan could never get to Jesus from without, i.e.:  the religious leaders, he had to get Him from within, i.e.: Judas. There are those who are closest to us that betray us and that is usually due to offense.

Considering what I have been sensing in prayer and have attempted to share about offense over the last 16 months I believe that we are in the “Times of Refreshing and Restoration of All Things” and the enemy is desperate and attempting to pull out all the stops. So, if you feel like all hell has broken loose in your mind, your finances, your relationships, and/or your body then you are in a good place. There has been an all-out assault to get you distracted, frustrated, offended, fearful, confused, and disconnected; to get you out of position for His promises, for His blessings, and the breakthrough that is divinely and rightfully yours. We must trust the prophetic promises that have been released and realize that breakthrough is here.

There has been a heightened assault on family, on relationships, on finances, on health to do what is described above: to create distraction, frustration, offense, to get you fearful, confused, and disconnected; with God and each other. Jesus warned us about various kinds of traps designed by the devil to make us fall. One of those traps is offense. In fact, the word offense is defined as “the name of the part of a trap to which the bait is attached, hence, the trap or snare itself.” You may have never thought about offense as being a trap, but once you allow it to attach itself to your heart, it will stop the power of God from flowing in your life.

I have warned of those operating under the influence of an Absalom spirit. Absalom was filled with anger and bitterness; but, rather than being demonstrative about his intentions, like Jezebel, he concealed his bitter hatred through the appearance of indifference. He was calculating and patient, “And it came to pass after two full years …” (2 Sam. 13:23), using his charm to persuade others to join his offense. The Absalom spirit will criticize, undermine, and tear down. They backbite, are disobedient, and refuse to submit to authority. Pride wrapped in false humility or a victim mentality is their trademark. They use kindness as their means to gain control of other people. Unforgiveness and bitterness are the underlying causes for this type of spirit to germinate. They excuse their actions through offense this ultimately leads to rebellion and division.

Since we are in a very sensitive time in this season of transition keep some things in mind as you prayerfully traverse the obstacles ahead.

Relationships are key to Kingdom advancement… While we are to love unconditionally that does not mean we are to be accessible to all … Whether in the home, ministry, or workplace be careful who you let in your inner circle. I have heard this word over and over the last three days “Loyalty”. It is a very common word that many throw around and yet few people actually possess.”

That we are to: “Be imitators of Christ. When Jesus was wronged, He did not wrong in return; but, committed His soul to God, Who would judge righteously. He loved unconditionally; but, He had boundaries. Christ knew that it is righteous for God to avenge His Servant and unrighteous for God’s Servant to avenge Himself.  We can do no less than put our hope, our trust, in our faithful Father and be ever mindful of those we are in covenant with. We must act and not react to those who do us harm and love, love, love … Because love never fails.”

I share this to forewarn and provide the necessary information to know how to pray, to prepare people for what is happening here and now.  So that you will be aware of the enemy’s tactics; again, let me share this thought: Satan could never get to Jesus from without, i.e.:  the religious leaders, he had to get Him from within, i.e.: Judas. There are those who are closest to us that betray us and that is usually due to offense. Jesus knowing that Judas would betray Him did not remove him from His circle of 12. Jesus allowed Judas time to repent, to come clean, to voice what he was doing and get right. Judas chose not to and as a result he became angry, bitter, and betrayed Jesus. We know that Judas was merely a pawn in the Father’s plan, a tool used by Satan to fulfill Jesus destiny; but, Judas’ end was separation and death.


March 17th, 2015

Why are My people afraid? Why do My people shake at the sight of giants? Where are those with the spirit of Caleb? Where those with the spirit of Joshua that would stand up and say we are well able to take the land? I listen to My people in America and all I hear are the sounds of fear, of murmuring and complaining. Where are My people that would stand up without fear and say the land is set before us? This nation has been called to righteousness. Do you hear the trumpet? Blow the trumpet in Zion for I shall arise in Zion, says the Lord.

There are men who have prayed for this day, who wished for this day. The fear that has come is a stench to Me. Israel has been rejected, but not by the Lord God of Israel. It is for Me to send My words and My life to Israel. What you must be careful of, says the Lord, is not the war, but the peace. Just as I had prophesied of the constant turmoil between the descendants of Ishmael and Isaac would be it should be no surprise that Israel and the Middle East has always been in a state of war, much war. But when things change in Israel, it shall bring a season of peace and during that time, great prophets shall arise from the earth and they shall stand and reveal. These are not prophets that are necessarily in the religious organizations, but governmental prophets whom I have planned to be My spokesmen and will use them in the political world, says the Lord.

Tremble when the talks of peace treaties turn to action of peace, for God says at that point, you shall know that I look from My heavens and that which has kept Me back shall begin to be fulfilled. All the words of the prophets that have been spoken through the centuries shall be fulfilled and shall begin to be fulfilled quickly. And when these things happen, rejoice, for your redemption draws nigh. I will not allow My people to fall but I will bring light, light in to the Middle East and a massive revival that will affect China and will affect Russia as well. My fire is coming to the Americas, North, Central, and South and throughout Europe.


February 20th, 2015

“I am the Alpha AND the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Rev 22:13 NIV

Last night while driving home after ministering in our prophetic leadership class I was processing the events of the evening when I heard, “I am the Alpha AND the Omega, the First AND the Last, the Beginning AND the End”, and in that moment, I began to focus on that word “AND” …

A whole lot of life is lived in that word “AND”. It is a continually unfolding story in which God reveals the End from the Beginning; but, the middle, that “AND”, can be blurred by our attempts to imagine or perceive what that road will look like. This creates a tension between the Beginning AND the End. While that “AND” is different for all of us the process will bring about the same result for us all. Throughout Scripture you see the partial nature of prophecy revealed.

Joseph had 2 dreams of who he would become but there was no mention of the hardships he would go through to get there. Abraham was told to go to a land I will show you but had no idea where he was going. David was anointed to be king but God didn’t tell him it would take decades before the prophecy would be fulfilled.

Just remember, there is a comfort in the lack of details. God, in His infinite wisdom, knows that if we knew all that it would take to reach the End, we would either decline or try to make it happen ourselves. It is through the journey that we learn to love Him, to trust Him, that in spite of ourselves, our failures, our successes, we build our faith, our life, in Him. This journey creates a strong dependency on Christ as Rev. 19:10b states, “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Christ becomes our Great Reward not the fulfillment of prophecy.


January 28th, 2015

We are in a very sensitive time in this season of transition … Relationships are key to Kingdom advancement… While we are to love unconditionally that does not mean we are to be accessible to all … Whether in the home, ministry, or workplace be careful who you let in your inner circle. I have heard this word over and over the last three days “Loyalty”. It is a very common word that many throw around and yet few people possess.

Loyalty is an adjective and is defined as having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something.

Synonyms of loyalty are: constant, dedicated, devoted, faithful, steadfast, steady, true. 

Antonyms of Loyalty are: disloyal, faithless, false, inconstant, perfidious, traitorous, treacherous, unfaithful, untrue.

We have been warned by Apostle Paul n his second letter to Timothy … But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: for men will be … without love, unforgiving, slanderous, treacherous, … having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! … For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will keep up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth.

We must “Watch and Listen” … Offended people will have a form of godliness or “Christianity”; but they will deny its power. They will deny the power of the Gospel, Christ’s finished work, to change them because they have not allowed His finished work to pierce their hearts and bring forth the character of Christ. They will refuse to submit to authority. They will be unfaithful to God and one another. They will betray one another and hate one another.

And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another – Matthew 24:10.

In other words, their love has waxed cold, which results in their seeking their own benefit at the expense of someone else and the closer the relationship the more severe the betrayal. To betray someone is the ultimate abandonment of covenant. When betrayal occurs, it leads to hatred which can bring serious consequences.

For to this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps: “Who committed no sin, nor was deceit found in His mouth”; who, when He was reviled, did not revile in return; when He suffered, He did not threaten, but committed Himself to Him who judges righteously – 1 Peter 2:21 – 23.

Be imitators of Christ. When Jesus was wronged, He did not wrong in return; but, committed His soul to God, Who would judge righteously. He loved unconditionally; but, He had boundaries. Christ knew that it is righteous for God to avenge His Servant and unrighteous for God’s Servant to avenge Himself.  We can do no less than put our hope, our trust, in our faithful Father and be ever mindful of those we are in covenant with. We must act and not react to those who do us harm and love, love, love … Because love never fails.


December 8th, 2014

We are approaching a season where God is going to open new doors, new territory for His people to leap forward. The year 2014 is 5774 on the Hebraic calendar – Ayin Dalet the number 4 is the letter Dalet and Dalet is the word for “door,” or an open tent flap, or the opening into a new territory. 5774 is also a Leap Year in the Hebraic cycle. Ayin Dalet references a season for open doors – so you can leap forward, that is, a year of open doors so you can spring forward. I do not believe that this is a word limited to the year 2014 (5774) but for an extended period of time.

The Spirit of the Lord declares to the Church, “Doors to a new history will now be opened. A new movement will spring forth. A new stream from My throne will begin to flow. It is a pure stream of pure Gospel; for the stream of My Gospel has been diluted, diverted and dammed up; but I will now blow up the dams. I will have a Gospel that flows and flows freely. My movement will be empowered by fresh downpours, fresh rain – the downpours of Heaven will fill it to overflowing. It will leap to flood stage. It will not be confined by Laodiceans. It shall be a pure Gospel stream that is lit with the fire of My cause, one that I can back with signs, with wonders, and with miracles; one that is not diluted by pride, immorality or greed, one that I can marshal Heaven’s army behind, one that I can back with awesome Kingdom power.”

“I am doing a new work amongst the generations. The generations will synergize their efforts together for the revival of ingathering such has not been seen before. I am calling My Gideons to come out of hiding and stop the raiding of My harvest. I have seen you behind the winepress. I have seen your secret toil. I have heard your cries. Now hear Mine. Arise and I will empower you. Arise for the days that are in front of you, and leap into the future that I have ordained for you. I will synergize the warriors, the eagle warriors with my remnant warriors, those who have faithfully committed themselves to Me. I will synergize them together now for the greatest move that I have ever released upon this earth. You shall now see and you shall now know that there is a Kingdom that is indeed at hand, and it is an awesome Kingdom. I’ve seen your heart and I will empower you. You will defeat your enemy, and you will enjoy the spoils of victory. You will say, ‘Our enemy has resourced us. Our enemy has poured abundance for us. We have more because of war.’”

“It is time to rise up. There is coming a shift in leadership,” says the Lord. “A new breed of leaders will be revealed in My Kingdom. The obscure ones who have served faithfully will now receive promotion for there were men who tried to block them because they didn’t look like they thought they should or talk like they thought they should, or come from the right Seminary. But I have seen them and I have advocated for them and I speak to them, “Rise up and take your rightful place at MY table.” The Lord says, ‘These are they who came from My presence. These are they who would not compromise. These are they who would not be muzzled; they would not bow to darkness. These are they who have not been appeasing of humanistic ways with enticing words, but have stood for Me and My words. These are they that did not flinch. These are they that would not bend their knee to blended religion or doctrines of demons. They stood unashamed for Me; now I will stand unashamed for them. I will side with them. I have proclaimed their victory, and now I will oversee its completion. Watch and see. Great deliverance is coming, great abundance is coming. The set time has come for My young reformers to partner with the remnant generation, and there will now come a divine alignment in My house. There will come a functioning Church amid dysfunction. Multiplied grace is now being poured forth. Bound souls shall be set free. Captives in heart will be delivered. Those blinded by sin and iniquity will be liberated from Hell’s bondage. It will be a movement that of power, of passion, and of purity. I will back it with notable signs, wonders, and miracles. The revival in the womb of My intercessors is now leaping in them. It’s leaping from the womb of those in travail. It is now time for the birthing of forerunners who will run. Leap into your future. The door is open!”


November 4th, 2014

The Lord would say, “It is time. It is time to thrive. It is time to flourish. It is time to rise. But you must believe it. If you want to be established and to prosper in this season you must believe the Word of the Lord that is coming forth in this hour through My prophets.

There is much contention in the high places of this Nation. The principalities of darkness that are endeavoring to stop, to frustrate, to steal, to kill, to destroy the seed, the unborn is inciting the leaders of this nation to be inclined to listen to those who wish to profit from the death of unborn children. This plan shall be exposed and it will not stand. For I am rising to multiply the children that have been taken by abortion. I have sent My angel Michael to contend with the prince over America. Purity shall be birthed within the company of this tribe; purity shall be upon a generation that is so perverse that prophets have closed their mouths and have refused to prophesy to their future.

Today I have spoken and My angel Michael and his company of angels shall demonstrate the authority and the power I have given them. I am going to show and demonstrate the power of My blessing over the nations who have called My name and I will break generational curses, even upon this nation. God says, rise above this and watch how I demonstrate My blessing upon America in the next two years, says the Spirit of the Living God.”


October 31st, 2014

I had several very intense dreams last night into this morning. Dreams of the Glory of God, dreams of intense and utter darkness covering the earth, and dreams of The War, a collision of His brilliant light and the immense darkness. I am not sharing those dreams as I am still processing them; but, I will say this: “It is TIME to draw near” and “It is all about to change”.

The Jewish calendar distinguishes between two general qualities of time: “mundane” and “holy”. Ordinary workdays are “mundane” portions of time; Shabbat and the festivals are examples of “holy” time.

Friends, I am hearing in my spirit this morning, it is all about to change. You must prepare and be ready for Divine collisions, Divine interruptions. There is coming a collision between the mundane and the holy in your personal life. God is going to open NEW opportunities, release miracles and answer prayers SUDDENLY. We need to open our hearts & minds to embrace these SUDDENLY Moments that the Holy Spirit leads us through.

You were created for such a time as this. God has marked you. Yesterday I shared on the misconception, misperception that occurs when we walk in the will of God. That season of preparation was for promotion. God has had you in the fiery crucible to prepare your character, to increase the anointing, and solidify your identity in Him. 

I Shared how the will of God took Joseph to the pit, how it led to false accusation and to prison before the palace; but, Joseph never lost his dream. He kept his vision alive. There are many who have lost their vision and have cast off restraint. They have traded the light for the darkness. They have lost their zeal and motivation and have been covered in a cloak of oppression, of depression, and are walking through the motions without emotions. If this is you, you need to cry out to God for a fresh vision and hold on to it as if your life depended on it because IT DOES. It is faithfulness to the vision that will keep you. It is the vision that speaks to your purpose and destiny.

Elisha, he was set on a collision course between the mundane and the holy. He was plowing in the field, doing what he would normally do on any given day, when SUDDENLY the Prophet cast a mantle upon him. IF Elisha did not recognize this moment was a Divine collision he would have missed his destiny. There are Divine interruptions coming into our lives. Things that we have been praying, declaring and sensing in the spirit will be opened in a moment.

We must recognize the work of the Spirit and move with God when the mundane and holy collide. There are moves of God that are being birthed in these moments. Those who have been crying out and prophesying over the land are about to experience their Suddenly Moment, in a Moment they will have an opportunity to accept the invitation and step into answered prayer. May our eyes be open, minds attentive and hearts prepared! The key thing here is to recognize our moment of Divine collision, of Divine interruption, and move into what God is opening.

The purpose is to bring us into the darkest of places and reveal His glory and see the Great Harvest come in. It is to release those who are bound in sin, oppression, and depression and set them free.


October 24th, 2014

The News Agencies bombard the airwaves with these barbaric and cowardly terrorist acts by individuals who have given into their baser instincts and have found great satisfaction and even joy in the slaughtering of innocence. We hear of ISIS and ISIL and IS. We hear of Al Qaeda. and we become terrified frozen in fear of what they do … Christians martyred, babies killed, woman raped and sold into slavery… And My people say, “What shall we do?” They are so strong… Why are you scared of those who can take a life when I can take a soul?! Why are you cowering in fear when you should be standing and declaring the Word of the Lord concerning the injustice that is occurring or do you not think I see the vulgar display of hatred and anger, toward humanity? Do you think I am unable to hear the cries of the people…? Do you not think I shall avenge those who were willing to give their life for Me?!

Watch in the days ahead how I work against them. How I divide them. How I split them into tiny factions and remove their power. Watch as I expose those even in the government who orchestrated and worked with these terror groups to try and bring the nation down. Watch as I will cause brother to betray brother and expose their network and bring them to nothing.

Yes, there is a betrayer in our midst. There is a betrayer in this nation working with a group of people who wish to cause great harm to this nation.  They are emboldened because they believe there’s enough hatred for Israel and for the Christians now. This betrayal will reveal very important information that will weaken these groups irreparably. There will be no repair for them. I’m not saying that there won’t be terrorist attacks; but they will be so weakened that they will become ineffective.

I see large networks of terrorist organizations in Europe, especially England, and even in America. Yes, America there are terrorist networks within your borders that look like your neighbor, who go to your schools, and live in Suburbia. They are planning an attack on the scale of 9-11 but they will fail. So, put your mind at ease; it’s not going to happen on the level that 9-11 did. Pray that they are revealed. Pray that your government agencies detect them in time. Pray that the prophets of God see and decree so they may be found.

I hear some of you, “Why do you let them live?!”, “Why don’t You destroy them?!” There were those who prayed that prayer in the first church regarding an individual who was causing great harm to My church. But I knew His end and how to get him there. So too is the case with these men who operate in the dark. I am going to bring a great light to them just as I did to Saul on the road to Damascus and many of them are going to come to know this Jesus as their personal Savior. I am going to work from within – that’s what Jesus did Himself – He worked from within. Now they don’t work like that – their god works from outside in – so their works (I’m talking about Islam), all their works, everything is supposed to make them good, or whatever. With Christianity, it works from the inside out. Christ comes within and then works it out. He’s going to do the same thing with many of these terrorists and they’re going to be converted and some will be killed because they’re now Christians. What will happen is much like what happened with the first church their deaths will be seed that multiply and bring forth a large harvest of souls. I will invade the Middle East and bring My light the prophetic anointing is about to multiply and young children in the Middle East, young children will have a prophetic mantle cast on them.

I feel strongly to repeat this that while there are many being martyred at this moment for those that are scared that the church is going to be destroyed, the church is going to go into hiding, the church is going to go into darkness be assured that there is no way that God’s kingdom that is presently in existence on the earth can be overcome. We are not escaping anything, we are not running away from anything, we are going to be broken and passed out and we are going to take over the world and its kingdoms. Are we in the end of days? Surely, we are closer now then we were 1000 years ago but we need to have this mindset persecution is coming to the church just as it did the first church and just because we live in America doesn’t mean we are safe from the Antichrist or persecution… It’s coming to America … God’s Kingdom is present and through it all a great harvest of souls is coming too.


September 13th, 2014

God says, I look at the earth. I see on one side My people, and on the other side, My people. Together. Hatred, murder, and on that mountain, I watch as Christians, My people, are being slaughtered. And then I look at Israel and I see slaughter, hatred. Then I look at a man who has set himself up as a czar, Putin. And the Spirit of the Lord says many are saying, “It is the end.” They said that 300 years ago. And when I formed this nation, America, throughout the ages, they have said, “it is the end.” Where are the sons of Issachar, says the Lord, that would know the times and the seasons? Oh, it’s time for you to understand that the earth is raging, taking the blood of martyrs, and the blood is crying out to Me. The children’s blood is crying out to Me, says the Lord. Shall I be silent? No, I shall not, says the Lord. Therefore, for every child they have taken, I will raise up 100 to return and destroy the powers of that army, says the Lord of Hosts.

Vengeance is mine, says the Lord, and the prayers of the righteous shall be heard, even as Daniel was heard. And the same angel that was fighting over the Prince of Persia, the same angel that was fighting the prince of Persia, and after he turned to the region is now sent with the words of Daniel to fight and to bring down this spirit that has decided to take the blood of children. It is finished, says the Lord. I shall rise and avenge My people, says the Lord.

A man by the name of Elijah knew it was time. He stood before the king who was wicked and stood before the people who were divided in opinion and he stood before the prophets of Baal. One man knew this was not the end. He said, “I will build an altar in the presence of wickedness so that the abundance of rain would come.” Men all over, prophets alike, were prophesying, “It is the end – it is finished. Jezebel has ruled and out ruled the prophets. The prophets of Baal have taken over.” “Watchmen, what of the night? Watchmen, what of the night?” said the people to the prophets. And they were silent. “This is the end,” they said. Elijah came and stood on Mt. Carmel and said to the people, you are divided between two opinions. If you would just unite your heart, God will rid you of the wickedness around you and send to this dry land, rain; not only a little bit of rain, but an abundance of rain. So today I stand on the soil, on the mount of holiness in the United States of America, to make that same declaration today. It is not the end, but if you would remain divided, there shall not be a cloud in your sky to bring rain. Therefore, do what the prophet says and said. Cast aside two opinions and make your choice. Is the Lord, the Lord God, able? If He is, then say these words: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

I had a dream about Putin. While you’re giving, just listen to this. I saw a spider’s web and the next morning when I went to pray – I’m very adverse to spiders and spider webs because I got bitten once on the nose and I had to have surgery, it was so bad, so I always look out when I go to my garden. In fact, I have a stick and I just hit it before me. The next day, after the dream, I hit down a massive spider that was in a spider web on my pathway. And I couldn’t see it, have you ever seen people that walk into spider webs but they’re further away and they’re going (waves arms)? You can’t see the spider web and you think, what’s the guy doing? It’s very funny. But I had this dream and the next day I almost walked into this massive spider web on my way to prayer. And it was basically this: I saw the spider, I saw the web and God spoke about Putin, and this is what came out of it. Spiders feed and fatten themselves on flies. That’s how they operate. Let me give you a little lesson in case you don’t know because the Lord sat me down. And I said, what does this mean? And He said, the spider feeds and fattens itself on flies and other little things. And a spider’s web comes from the creature’s insides, so it creates the web from whatever is inside the spider. The bee gathers wax from flowers. The spider sucks no flowers yet the spider can spin out its material to any length. Just think about that. But there’s one thing the Spirit said to me: “a spider’s web is very frail, but it is cautiously wrought.” These were the words I heard Him say, I wrote it down, “but it is not enduringly manufactured.” Now God can only say it like that; I wrote it down as I heard it. It is curiously wrought, the spider’s web, but not enduringly manufactured. So, I’m saying, but what’s that all about? He said, “The spider’s web is no match for a servant’s broom.” I know that there are literally tens of thousands of you that are actually getting what I’m saying. It’s not going to take a mighty army to bring him down. It’s not going to take weapons of warfare to bring him down. For God said to me, his web is no match for a servant’s broom. Someone that is deemed as nobody, but it shall take a servant to bring and break the spider’s web and it will come down with not much effort.


July 29th, 2014

“Hear me, there is much ground to be taken. There is much land to be taken. There is much territory that I have kept and reserved for such a time as this. There is debt to be destroyed. The first thing I promised Abraham was I will give you land as a possession. This has not changed”, says the Lord. There are giants on your land that shall be destroyed. They shall be removed. Take your stand and declare My word.”

“America, I established your borders. It is My light that shines from sea to shining sea. Can My light be extinguished?! Though the darkness, great darkness has come, can the dark over take My light?! No, My light shines even brighter. I speak to My people, and yet the enemy has said, ‘the land which you must hope for is after your death,’ Not so”, says the Spirit. “For My people were told to take the land. And I said these words, ‘Send men, men of vision, men of righteousness, to possess the land. And they went out and they took the fruit, the pomegranates and the grapes of the land and brought them to the people. Look at what you’re about to possess. Look at the fruit of your land. But alas there were those that stood and said, ‘but also on this land are giants and we are not able.’ This is not a time to focus on the demonic; but, the dynamic. It is a time for those with the spirit of Caleb and Joshua to rise once again upon My people. There is too much unbelief, too much fear. That spirit has been defied by Me,” says the Lord. “For this generation wishes no longer to hear about the giants in the land but the fruit thereof.” Those of the spirit of Caleb of Joshua it is time to rise and take back what has been stolen, to possess that which I am releasing in this season.”  Yours is not to know how or why but merely believe My word and I will perform it. I will give you the land as an inheritance and possession.


May 16th, 2014

The Spirit of God says, “My people have cried. They have wondered and wandered. They have become disheartened; but, it was for a purpose. It was so their faith would increase, for faith grows in the darkness, faith grows through contention, faith grows through despair. But now I am kindling a fire in America and in the nations throughout the earth. For I will give you beauty for your ashes and joy for your mourning. For I am restoring the fortunes of My people. I am restoring the fortunes that were the inheritance of My people. I am restoring the fortunes of those that are the elect of God and have been stolen from. You shall eat your delicacies again and your children will no longer be your food. You shall not use them and take them out of the womb anymore, says the Lord.

Everything is about to change. I am going to move in your justice system. I am going to remove 2 justices that refused to cooperate with My Spirit and raise up 2 judges in the Supreme Court who will judge in righteousness. And there will be those who will oppose this move but My will shall be done. I have a plan that will come to pass and it is restore the fortunes of those that had it once, you are going to get it back. This is My promise, says the Lord of Hosts.

Then I heard the word “Gold… He will restore the fortunes in America because of his brilliance.” And the Spirit of God said, “I am raising a man who will defend Israel and will shake the nations that contend with her. He will not be a man who plays by the rules. His coming will reveal corruption in the political arena. For many politicians in this nation have sold themselves to corporations that would do the nation harm. There will be a shaking amongst the Democrats in the upcoming elections and it will unsettle the Republicans.”

The Lord says, “I am raising up My David for such a time as this to remove the corruption, restore the fortunes and fight the enemy. There is a nation that is itching for a new kind of war with America. The enemy will arise when the new President is elected, this David that I have raised for such a time as this He will become a man of prayer, a man of faith, a man who turns the nation back to the foundational roots. They will shout, “Impeach, impeach,” but not for just cause. He will be exonerated. There shall be another like Snowden who will come forward with information that will be highly embarrassing and will cause great fear.” The Lord says, “I will bring this nation to its knees, I will humble you then you shall hear the sounds of great victory.

This man shall come to the forefront soon. He is not a politician. But he will contend with the giants of debt, of socialism, of secularism. And God says, those that reject him shall be shocked at how he takes keeps winning. Hear me. He has been placed there by God and we are not to touch His anointed. I have unfolded the blueprint for success, for restoration, to remove the choke hold of debt from the people of this nation. America, freedom is yours!


April 22nd, 2014

America, you shall be one! America, you shall stand as one! And those from the north and the south and the east and the west shall say, “Our plans have been foiled. We did not prosper with the weapons that we sent against this nation. We did not prosper because unity began to arise from the states within America” because I called My people, the remnant, I called those that were called and elected for this day and for this purpose. And I can hear the sound of unity coming from this nation, says the Lord!

And new weapons that have been formed, new weapons that will come shall be discovered before they can be used against Israel. Hear the word of the When you sow seed from your need you will receive a double portion. I shall bring back to you the blessing that I promised to those that would bless Israel. America has received a portion of blessing as she has blessed Israel… And even though there is an attempt to pull away to forsake My people occurring through this administration, I am raising one who will return and when America returns and blesses Israel I will pour out once again a great blessing upon the people of America.

Hear these words, says the Lord. Watch what I’m about to do. I’m going to confuse all the neighboring peoples that surround Israel. When they lay siege to Jerusalem, Judah also will fight and praise shall arise from the streets – not only praise for Yahweh but praise for Yahweh Yeshua. And on that day when the enemies begin to attack, I will make Jerusalem a solid stone which cannot be moved. Anyone who tries to lift her, lift the stone called Jerusalem, will only be weighed down and cause serious damage to themselves, says the Lord. On that day, and that day is approaching, I will stand for My people and will confound every horse and drive every rider to madness, says the Lord.

The Lord of Israel will ensure that victory comes first to the houses of Judah for out of respect for My servant David. So, Jerusalem need not boast, but neither should it fear. I’m going to say that again. Jerusalem, do not boast, but do not fear at the same time. For when that day comes, the Lord will protect her citizens as a buckler and shield. He will make the weak who stumble become like David, brave in battle. Rest assured, I will set out to destroy all the nations who attack Jerusalem. Rest assured, I will set out to attack all the nations that attack Jerusalem, says the Lord!


April 20th, 2014

Long before time began, long before time began, this day was spoken of. Powers and principalities spoke of this day, where he would take the nations of the earth and shake them. Where he had planned that His people, God’s people, would shake from fear, and even now, you watch in fear, why are My people afraid? Why are My people fearful?

“For we have no understanding of what the enemy is doing.” Snowden, you were a puppet in the hands of God, for America suddenly lost its security. Suddenly you weren’t as strong, as insightful as what you thought. This incident, this tragedy with Malaysian Airlines, has brought this nation to a place of fear. “We don’t know!” You’re not supposed to know! Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Estonia, you shall be the troublemaker. You shall rattle Putin, who claims himself as a czar to bring back a system of control and pain and suppression. Ha, I laugh at you! For all the nations stand before Me now without intelligence, without understanding. They know nothing. Where is your radar? Where is your intelligence? Why can you not find the coffin on wheels? Why can you not do it? For I have shown the entire earth, you know nothing. Therefore, a new group of terrorists are emerging. They are not related to the Taliban; they have one focus in mind, to take the youth and cause them to do what you assume has been done with this jet. This is just the beginning, says the Lord. They will train pilots and have trained pilots to plunge, to attack, to steal, and then to crawl into Israel and destroy My people. This shall not happen, says the Lord, for once again I will show you I AM the God of the earth, I AM the Lord of the Universe.

Here Me now, you have gathered together. So, what happened to the jet? Is that what really matters? For the Spirit of God says, I will surprise you and show you, for as I raised My prophetic voice above the northwest of India, it was because of mischievousness, anger and grief. A new territorial spirit has arisen and has fouled the nations of the earth, has fooled the nations of the earth. And God said, it will continue and they shall say this has given us an idea, steal jets. And your intelligence says, “it shall never happen since we have implemented the security since 2011.” Ha! And what you have done, says the Lord, is you have ignored your reliance upon the King of life itself, the Lord Your God. Now you’re at My mercy, says the Lord. Search as much as you wish, for it shall come to pass that I will expose, for Russia has joined its hands to Iran, Syria, and is gathering as many nations as possible to come and strike the Jews and to strike at this Christian nation and cause you to be crippled, says the Lord. Therefore, would you like an answer? I’ll show you, I told you, within 48 hours. Now it is emerging; now I will show you. And then, God says, as they creep nearer, I will expose them and destroy them beneath the sea, on top of the sea, on the land and in the air, says the Lord.

There are colors that I see, there are colors that I see, a maroon color with a diamond, a triangle. This group has already clothed themselves and there is a man that has stood within them who said, “We will cripple the nations.” Did he not say it before? Did he not say it before the creation of man? “I will exalt myself above the stars of God. I will exalt myself upon the mount of the congregation of the north. I will be as the Most High God, El-Elyon, the possessor of heaven and earth.” He said it before, he’s saying it now again, says the Lord. But once again, within a few months, you will look and say, “Is this the one that fooled the nations? Is this the one that had the nations petrified?” For God said, light shall shine from nations that are in obscurity now. From Ukraine, light shall shine and I will defend that nation and light shall shine, says the Lord, from Estonia. And they shall say, “But they’re the troublemakers.” And I will take a little, little child-like nation to bring to its knees, Russia. This man who has stood and said, “I will create the most formidable, exquisite terrorist group on earth” shall be exposed for I will pull his pants down and show you what he really has. Nothing! He is impotent, says the Lord. Therefore, as you pray this week, I will show you, and God said, I will be glorified and I will bring down the enemy before your very eyes, says the Lord!

Everywhere you put your feet, I have given to you, says the Lord. All of you that claim to have My Spirit and the Rock of Salvation, your prayers this week shall bring righteousness onto the scene and bring down the plans of your enemy, says the Lord.

Now listen to me. As you hear these strings; it is clear to me while under a violent emotion and passion, the Spirit spoke and almost mocked the entire earth, to say that He caught the attention of every nation. No, God didn’t do this; this was an act of greed and yet it planted a seed into a group that has not yet risen; hence the silence. Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I would gather you under My wings. I have not forgotten you, for they focus on you now. It is their fault. It is clear to me that the Spirit of God today said the ruler of darkness initiated all of this. But God looked at the nations and said, where are your prayers? Where is your insight? I am not impressed with the strength of men’s legs, nor the sword that they carry, nor the strength of their armies. It would take Me just one moment to catch the attention of the entire earth to let you know that only I can reveal, that which has disappeared. Now I am released to do it, says the Lord.


March 18th, 2014

The Spirit of the Lord has spoken concerning the nations of the earth. “I have taken complete charge and I will steer the nations in the direction that I desire. For it is I who depose kings and raise up leaders. It doesn’t matter who is leading the nation for I will put My words in their mouth. My will shall be done. For you are entering a time and season of great manifestations and visitations of My Spirit. There will be great signs in the heavens and on the earth and under the earth. No eye has seen and no ear has heard what I am going to do in this season. God said it’s nothing like you’re going to see. What you’ve seen before is nothing compared to the shaking that’s taking place in the heavens. I will use My hand to write across the skies. I’ll use My hand to write across Hollywood. My name will be declared on the major networks throughout the earth. They shall speak about My Son; they shall speak about Jesus; they shall speak about the Christ. They shall say, ‘Why are we seeing so much about this Jesus?’ It is because I have only just begun to move upon the people of the earth.


December 27th, 2013

There is a sound that is coming that the world has never heard before. On the day of Pentecost, there was a sound that came and My church and that sound destroyed the powers that would bind them. There is a sound, says the Spirit of God, that shall pierce the darkness and I shall cause a people that have said, “I refuse to accept things as they are. I refuse to be bound to the judgment of my enemy.”

God says, “There is a sound of freedom coming it is being released by My prophets. This sound will bring great liberty and freedom.”

As I was in prayer I heard the sound of a child crying that turned into multitudes of children crying. They were abandoned and left in deep darkness, these children are being destroyed; the children are being massacred by the enemy because he knows that this generation has a unique purpose. “Do you realize how many tears I have shed”, says the Lord, “hearing the many men and women giving absolutely no hope to My children. There are deliverers amongst these children. There are sounds that will come from them in music. There shall be words that shall come from them in poetry. There shall be strength arising from them and they will captivate, for a short season, the kingdoms of this world. They shall hear of My Son. For from this generation I have created a generation of children that are another kind; there will be preachers from this generation that will literally bring back what has been lost in the church. I shall bring back the light of the miraculous. There shall be supernatural interventions. In the very countries that are destroying these children, there shall be light, there shall be conversions, there shall be transformations, there shall be fire. Fire in a way that you have never seen before”, says the Spirit of the Living God.

I heard a multitude of sounds. I heard celebration because of the victories I have wrought. Things will change in Russia and in North Korea. Little Kim Jong Un, you have offended Me. You shall not live like your father lived. I shall not allow the corruption that has been in North Korea to continue. I prophesied earlier there shall be a united Korea. I have told the earth that I will bring the greatest revival the world has seen in any one nation north of the 39th parallel when I bring North Korea and South Korea together and then in China there shall be a flame that shall burn and touch the world and even bless Israel, says the Lord.

The Lord is going to deal with corruption. The people of the Unites States are tired of the status quo. They are tired of the lies, of the corruption, and they will say so. This is not about Republican or Democrat. This is about greed. This is about deception. The Lord says, “I shall deal with corrupt leaders, even in the United States of America and there shall be shining lights that will come from My people.” that will say “we are dissatisfied with Republicans and we are dissatisfied with Democrats.” There is a new party that has arisen and shall come forth and capture the hearts of the young people, says the Lord. “I will show Myself not only in the church or through the church, but outside of the walls of the church. Rejoice, for this is His day! This is your day of freedom, says the Lord!! This is your day of freedom!

And to the spirits that have brought great darkness; principalities that have reigned. What shall I do, for I shall punish disobedience and show you how ISIS is going to go from a terrorizing organization to an organization that is terrorized. When they took the children, and abused and killed them, when they sold them into sex slavery, they took My heart. God says,” because of that, I will bring Damascus Road conversions into the terror organizations and they shall come out and they shall be preachers that shall declare the evil of Islam.” Some would say, “But isn’t this the time of the Second Coming?” Before that great day when I take My people from the earth, there is a global awakening that shall take place that will bring masses into the kingdom of light. And in the Middle East, there shall be sounds of music and praise and worship that the earth has never, ever heard before, says the Lord.

There’s one more thing that the Lord said to me. He said, “the spirit of Saul has been dethroned. In other words, we are going to see in the church a shift from the massive buildings to churches being raised up in houses. Those massive churches have become too limited and unable to move with My Spirit due to their structure and time constraints. I will not be confined but will raise up churches like the first church all over America and they will be filled with light and fire and evangelism will take place in the streets and in the neighborhoods of the United States of America and then throughout the earth because the control of a previous generation’s Saul spirit has been completely broken.”


September 21st, 2013

The hosts of darkness have made plans for this time and this generation. They say, ‘You have instruments of war but don’t know how to use them. You have instruments of war bit they are dull. You know it. That is why you won’t venture here beyond your walls. You’re afraid. You’re afraid to move outside of your walls!’

But the Lord says, “I am raising a generation like David, who may not fit into armor made by man’s hands but has My armor upon them. They may not be skilled with a sword; but, they have rocks of revelation that they shall take down the giants of the land. They shall go to the land of the Philistines and use whatever means necessary whether it be, singing, preaching, artwork, dancing. So, I speak to the emerging generation, the 4, 5, 6, and 7-year-olds, to the children being attacked. You are going to go to the land of the Philistines and wage battle and they shall be victorious for I am with them.”

On the Day of Pentecost, there were people from every nation and there was a sound that came to those people from heaven. I feel like this is going to happen again, but in a global way, not just in an upper room in Jerusalem, but throughout the earth, where God will take these young people and create a sound that is unique. Watch what He’s going to do, a massive, global move of the Spirit which will start with the children and spread like a fire.


May 13th, 2013

The Spirit of God says, “As you raise your voice understand the sound you hear with your ear is not the sound that the spirit world is hearing. When you lift your voice the enemies are scattered, says the Lord. Lift up your voice shout for the victory! As you raise your voice Jezebel is coming down! Rejoice, for your future has light even in a dark place.”

Some of you may be saying, ‘Jezebel, she’s dead. Someone from long ago.’ But, I am not talking about a person I am speaking of a spirit. That sprit has a name. Every Bible name has a meaning. When God changed the nature of a person, He changed their name. There are principalities that are over this nation that want to change the name of America. So, what are we going to do about it? We are covered by prophetic preservation, but remember.

When God changed a person’s name, it was for the future. It was for the future seed. In other words, He changed the name of Abram to Abraham because he believed God’s promise for a son, He changed Sara to Sarah, God breathed in them. Years later, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, Simon’s name was changed to Peter and now remember each one of us have been given a new name which means we have a new nature inside that speaks to the future of your new name.

There is a promise for those who contend for what is theirs. Jacob wrestled the angel of the Lord and won. The enemy doesn’t want us to get what God has for us. The scriptures say that for overcomers there is hidden manna… Every time we overcome, hidden manna comes forth.

It’s time to contend for what is your future… I shared about the spirit of Jezebel this spirit, much like the queen, works with the Baal. Baal is a spirit that wants control. This spirit wants to control and possess everything, especially humanity. Jezebel manipulates and uses sensuality, sexuality, to get what she wants, authority. The spirit of Baal and the spirit of Jezebel have now sought each other so they could co-exist and they could become multiple powers. They want control and they want authority. You see it in Washington the elected officials want more and more authority and what has been bad is getting worse. This is danger is when there is evil in the human soul the mischief multiplies as they co-exist.

Jezebel wanted Baal to have equal rights with the God of Israel. The God of the United States is Jesus Christ; no other is Lord. Jezebel’s stance brings her into conflict with the prophet. The reason God is raising up prophets all over the world is because this spirit of jezebel is so prevalent. This spirit is endeavoring to raise the names of religions and gods and make them equal with Christ.

There is a battle between the prophets of God and those who are under the influence of Jezebel and Baal about to take place in the United States of America. The battle is a prophetic one. Jezebel and Baal want to possess and control the United States of America. The battle between the prophets of God and the puppets of Baal is coming. Here’s the thing when God shows up, and He will, after the massacre of the puppets, and there will be a massacre all that did was incite Jezebel. She took it personal and wanted revenge.

Jezebel wants to rule this nation and it will spread. So, what is going to bring about victory in the United States of America and the countries all over the world that Jezebel wants to rule over?  Unity. Collaboration. Cooperation with the Spirit of God. Prophets standing in boldness and holy indignation declaring the word of the Lord and offering the sacrifice of fire and water. These things combined is what brought the people of Israel together and defeated Jezebel.


April 15th, 2013

Daniel was unaware of the power of his prayer until the angel came and said, ‘For 21 days I have contended with the principality, the prince of Persia.’ Hear me, we may be under a new covenant; but, even our high Priest is interceding on our behalf. Paul speaks on this and tells us that we are to contend in the spirit and fight, fight the good fight of faith, and what makes a fight good? That we win! We are assured that if we will contend in prayer all that Jesus paid for has guaranteed us victory.

There is something over this nation right now that must be pulled down. It cannot be pulled down by the President. It cannot be pulled down by the Senate. It cannot be pulled down by our military. The weapons of OUR warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. That which is in the heavens over this nation must be pulled down by My people. It can only be pulled down by the spiritual leaders that have set their hearts toward God’s Kingdom.

What I saw this morning while I was in prayer is that God is going to bring about a victory, a massive victory, in this nation, but there will be some humbling that takes place. It will take place in My House. It will take place in the White House, it will take place in the Senate and in the House. We humility to come, to stand, and to speak the truth.

As I was praying this morning, I saw that there are spiritual powers, principalities, rulers that are joining forces with a concentrated effort to destroy America. They are attacking the U.S. economy. They are attacking non-profits and charitable organizations. They are attacking your money. Their plan is to rob your future, to kill your dreams, and to suffocate the very life out of you. That’s their plan. They are working right now. So, what is the church doing about it? What is our responsibility? What is it that we are supposed to do to bring an end to this? Are we contending in the Spirit? Are we fighting the God fight of faith and pulling down these strongholds, these principalities or are we tearing down each other?

The greatest power that you have is discerning what is happening in the spirit and begin to pray against that and declare that ‘God’s kingdom come and His will be done. That they have no authority and cannot operate in the presence of the Living God. That the Blood of Christ is more powerful and speaks of better things.’ What we perceive, we receive.’ So, Lord, I’m praying for perception to come to Your people and that Your people would understand and see with the Spirit and that their perception will bring them to action, and pray against that the forces that are trying to destroy America.


March 2nd, 2013 

God’s word is like a fire throughout the earth! The Spirit of God says, “Prepare yourself, what I did in the 60’s and the 70’s, I will do again, but it shall not be like then, this time there shall be no restrictions. This movement will begin in California and there shall be an economic boost in California. And they shall say, ‘Why California? It is the hell-hole of America?’ But I say, ‘My grace is greater. I will take the economy of California and show America that I will take the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, that I will take the dark things of this world and make My light shine.’”

The people in America will look at California and say, “Look at the economy rising.” And I shall rejoice, for no man shall take credit for this. It will be a result of the movement that is beginning to take place, much like the Jesus Movement. It shall in the streets, and it will go into the highways and byways, it shall spread from house to house. This movement shall explode throughout America. My fire shall consume California and it shall spread to New York and through the south and I will take off the belt in the Bible belt; they shall explode with joy for this nation is ready for the greatest breakthrough ever and it shall be called a Revolution!”

“But before the land of America, the land of California can prosper, “Your soul must prosper first”. The soul of this nation has been wounded from within. Self-inflicted wounds upon the soul of this nation. But I am bringing healing to the soul of this nation. The agitation that is in the soul of this nation is a sign that healing is coming for the wound was deep and infection had set in. I have removed, I have cleansed the wound and now the agitation is the sign of My healing.”

“This revolution shall spread and the sound that rises from this movement will be so unique that it is undeniable. There will be certain church leaders that will stand up and condemn it, as they’ve done before; but they will not stop My movement. The time is coming and now is where it shall be revealed, but it shall happen in a unique way. It’s beginning already throughout the earth! You’re not even seeing it, I’m moving! My light is moving throughout the earth! There shall be another Jesus movement!


December 16th, 2012

I hear, “Let the redeemed of the Lord say, ‘So!’ When people and circumstances say you are barren… Say, ‘So! My God says I am fruitful!’ When people say, ‘You’re weak’ … Say, ‘So! My God says, ‘I’m strong.’ When circumstances say, ‘You’re poor’ … Say, ‘So! My God says, ‘I am rich!’”

Before time began I saw this hour. I knew this day. Nothing is hidden from Me. Nothing takes Me by surprise. I saw that from the stump of David’s family will grow a shoot a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root. I saw the branch that would stand upright and bring redemption to mankind. You’re entering a season of fruitfulness, a season of uprightness, a season of goodness. I have called the barren, fruitful, and I have called the weak, strong, and I have called the poor, rich. Therefore, say what I say not what you see! Watch and see as I demonstrate My glory and majesty,” says the Lord.

I am removing that which makes you barren, I am destroying that which is keeping you unfruitful. I will make this a season of fruitfulness. 2013 shall be the beginning of a new season. The branch of the old root is coming forth.”

Do you believe that this could be possible? Let faith arise in your heart, God wants you fruitful and He wants it to begin this year 2013. Do not talk yourself out of what God wants to do for you and through you.


November 3rd, 2012

David talked about it in his songs and prayers. Repeatedly you hear David pour out his heart, “You do not delight in sacrifice or take pleasure in burnt offerings.  My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart You will not despise” … “Have mercy on me, according to your unfailing love blot out my transgressions wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.” … “Create in me a pure heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

My servant David was not perfect, he made mistakes, but his heart’s desire was to be in My presence. John the Baptist preached it, “Repent.” Jesus preached it, “Repent.” Peter preached it, “Repent.” Paul preached it, “Repent.”

“Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

Friends, I shared this prophetic insight before and the key to Reformation is found in repentance. There is a Revival that will begin in the home. This will ignite the church with a passion and usher in the Reformation that will set the world on fire!

The Lord says, “The Greatest Reformation the world will ever know has already begun. I am raising up My reformers, My mystics, My seers, My oracles in this time and season. Yet this is still a time of refining and emergence. These NEW leaders will not be moved by man but by Me. Their hallmark will be their understanding of their Identity in Me as Father. These NEW leaders will hunger for Me not My hand. They will carry My glory and will be backed by signs, wonders, and miracles that the world has never seen.”


September 26th, 2012

I have heard over and over, ‘Unrelenting disappointment makes the heart sick; but one good break can turn a heart around’.

I heard the Lord say, “Too many are walking away from and hardening their hearts to My Spirit and the word of prophecy. They are hardening their hearts because they are not seeing things happen in their time. I don’t work in their time. I work in My time. Do not harden your heart or despise prophecy for when you do you despise the promise I have spoken concerning you.”

It is God who determines the times and seasons and though they tarry it is we who are to stand in faith remember it is God who judges the heart of man. God knows what is right. Just like that old TV show, Our Father knows best.

“There are storms coming to America both in the sky and on the land. There will be great turmoil in the nation. There will be storms that shall make people fear and say, “Is this another Katrina? Another Sandy?!” Do not fear this is not My judgment; but, this is due to war that is taking place in the heavens. The earth is responding, she is reacting to the war in the heavens. I shall protect My people. Many will say, “How did we not lose more life?” It is My hand that shall keep you.”

As I am saying this I am seeing something that seems all too much like science-fiction; but, there seems to be a weapon the government is making that will manipulate the weather. I sense that there are going to be great fires, multiplied wildfires, that will be so intense metal will melt. I see great hailstones and the earth being ravished by floods. I see this machine causing great destruction and people will die; but, God will expose this “weather machine” and it will be stopped abruptly. Do not despise these words for they are words of life.

The Lord says, “I am revealing this to you now so that you will not bring reproach upon My name and say this is the judgment of God. No, it is the actions of wicked men. People of the North, in Canada, be watchful. Do not fall asleep. For as many look to the South to America and hear of those who devise her destruction there are many who will try to come through you and bring destruction at your door as well. But I shall destroy those who have eyed the nations that My hand is upon. I will stop them. I will take them down as I have promised. Now is the time to pray. Pray that I will remove this mass destruction that is being planned,” says the Lord.

There are many men and women that carry messages to the nations and we need to pray for their protection. When you have a message, when you are a messenger of the Lord, the enemy focuses in on you. We need to pray for protection, I pray for your agreement that the enemy will be put at bay. Lord, I thank you for Your protection and for the people that You’ve surrounded with Your angels. Bless them; keep them when destruction comes, redeem their lives from destruction, I pray and I thank You for it.

Look when God reveals something to the prophet there are times when so much is downloaded into your spirit that your mind goes into overload and it takes time to process it all. All the information is transferred into your soul, your spirit, but you don’t comprehend it all. It comes in stages because you cannot contain all of that information. Your spirit can contain it, but your mind can only take so much.

I say all that to share this, these are signs of massive spiritual warfare over America and many other nations. What these signs are showing is this nation needs a manifestation of God’s presence. I feel like even though these events will be bad, God’s hand will protect and it will not be as catastrophic as it could be.


May 6th, 2012

This is what the Lord said to me about America. He said, ‘Do not despise small beginnings. Look at the acorn and how it grows into the mighty oak. It is My law. Seedtime and harvest. I start with a seed and multiply. So, stop looking for the big thing. Look at the small, the small thing that I am doing. For I am going to start with something small and make it massive. But the massive will not be as you think.’

So, I said, ‘What is the “small” that You are talking about?’ He said, ‘Let’s talk about small churches. I am about to do something unique in small churches across America. There’s going to be hundreds of thousands of small churches throughout the United States of America. Many will be in homes, small businesses shall do business in the day and become a house of worship at night. Neighborhoods will come to know Me. These churches won’t be structured at first and the religious will say they are not of Me because they have no leadership, no elders and no deacons; but I am going to move within these communities and cause an eruption all over. These small churches shall become massive.’

It’s My nature, I took from the dust and made something a living being that became over 6 billion beings.’ He said, ‘I brought Jesus of Nazareth, a small town in the Ghetto.’ It’s always been out of the small. I don’t want you to miss what I am doing because you are looking for the “next big thing” because I am not going to be in the big; it’s going to be all out of the small.’

I don’t want people to think I’m against big churches are there is something wrong with mega-churches. I am just saying, God is going to take the small and they’re going to spread like wildfire and the young people are going to be so energized. We will see an influx of young people who are going to take God at His word and move in signs and wonders.


April 14th, 2012

The Spirit of God says, “Look at Korea, this man has defied the nations of the earth.” And God says, “You think you’re untouchable little man?! That I cannot shift powers and dethrone you?” It is I who change times and seasons; it is I who depose kings and raise others up. It is I who gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.”

Keep your eyes upon North Korea. God says, “Watch what happens in North Korea. I am changing the hearts of the people in this nation and they will rise up and say, ‘Enough is enough!’” For I shall unite the North and the South and Korea shall be one nation and I shall set the 39th Parallel ablaze for My glory.”

“Keep your eyes on Korea for I shall raise up the youth and a new music shall arise and they will say, “It is God who has delivered us from this wicked little man. This music will be a joyful sound coming from the house of the Lord,” says the Lord.


March 19th, 2012

The Spirit of God says, ‘ The heart of man plans his way, but I establish his steps. I am preparing to demonstrate My power on the East coast of the United States. Down into Florida and the surrounding regions. I will show you how I can change things overnight.’ There is nothing that can stop My hand. I determine what shall rise and what shall fall. I determine the winds and where they blow. I tell the waves to come this far and no further. This nation shall come to understand that I mean business. For I shall take your soil and take your sea, I will take the human life that is upon it and I will erupt and cause something to be spoken even in the youth that shall cause many to say, ‘How is it that things can change so quickly?’; Watch as I do it,’ says the Lord. ‘Watch as I display My power against the enemy of your soul. It is time for the Lord God to arise with His people and bless America!


January 13th, 2012

I have heard the Lord say, “To all of the people praying, crying out for judgment and who curse America; you shall be disappointed America is a land that shall remain. It shall be blessed. America will always be a light in the dark. A haven for the refugee. A land of liberty. My liberty. You will always see My light in the land of the brave.”

“I hear you say, ‘God bless America’, I’ve heard you as you sacrificed, as you have gone to other lands and shared your blood of freedom and peace. I’ve watched you send your children; sacrificed their lives for the sake of other’s freedom, And I’ve seen your love for mankind. So, why would I not bless America?! For you are the salt of the earth, the light of the world, the beacon that shines the light of my Son, America the beautiful!”

“I will bless you, America. For of the nations of the earth, ‘You have blessed My Son from the beginning’. That is My promise to you.”


October 30th, 2011

“There is an assignment from the evil one to overload and assault the senses of the young, the children, his desire is to rob their youth, steal their innocence and destroy their minds through sensuality, sexuality, identity confusion and the marginalizing of Christianity. The enemy has stolen these children and they have been sold into sex slavery. They have grown up tied to a bed and defiled by the lusts of men that should have protected them. And yet, the Lord says, “But, I shall bring forth a generation that is pure and that desires to walk in purity. You shall see the emergence of a pure generation.”

“Watch as there will be a time when children shall be recognized and elevated for their ability to do what adults cannot. They shall bring innocence, equality, love, unity to the forefront. I see in the coming move of God children praying for the sick and they are healed, I shall even use My children to raise the dead, for only I will get the glory in this coming move.”

I feel like there prostitutes, women, who grew up in the very conditions the Lord exposed a moment ago. You are hearing this word and you are conflicted inside. You wonder how a good God could allow this to happen to you… You are wondering how a good God could love you knowing all that you have done…  I am here to tell you that God does loves you. God wants you in His kingdom. You are not forgotten. You have not been rejected. Jesus came that you may have life and life more abundantly. I release His love into you right now. What you have endured what not the cause of a good God but of men who are pawns of Satan.

God wants to touch you, God wants to baptize you with fire, God desires to fill you with His Spirit. Your past will not dictate your future. I release each one of you. You know there were many Mary’s in the Bible, but you know God set one free from prostitution and she became a great worshipper. I want you to know that you could be the very one that could stand there and welcome Jesus!

The Lord says, “Watch what I am about to do … I’m about to cast My mantle upon the Rahabs, harlots, those who have no understanding but are longing for true love… the kind of love that only I can give.”

Nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing! You say,” My son is gay, my daughter is a Lesbian, they were brought up in church but turned away. It doesn’t matter. God can free them! We are entering a new season a season of great deliverance. I’m releasing His deliverance right now and His freedom upon each one of your lives. I pray that you receive your miracle today!


October 29th, 2011

There is a shaking coming to this nation. It will be so demonstrative that the media will have no choice but to report it – it’s going to be incredible. God is going to prove Himself.

The Lord says, “I am coming. I am going to come and meet you. Moses was My servant and when I met him he could not see My face but you, you are My children and My children I meet face to face.”

Ha! There was a time when I would become angry when I sensed unbelief but today I say to those who disbelieve, “You will miss this opportunity. God will not come to those who are not anticipating this intimate encounter with the Father”. You see God hates unbelief. He will not tolerate it. It does not exist in His Kingdom. There cannot be unbelief, because what God wants to do has never been done before. Leaders it is time to lead the people into My presence and if you do not know the way then you are in the way and I will remove you. The church is going to be shaken and many who have been in the forefront are going to be found to be wanting. They will not know how to contend, how to move in the coming season, and they will be removed. Not because I am a mean or angry God but because I am a loving God who cares for them and cares for My people and does not want to see them or My body hurt.

So, cast off restraint. Shake off unbelief. If the leaders can take this word, if they can believe it and they can run with the vision, then they will never be the same again, because God’s going to impart something upon the leaders and it’s going to go through the churches and into the streets of America.

The Church should not be mundane. It should be full of life, it should be creative, it must be prophetic, it must be apostolic, it must be on the cutting edge, it must be in the highways and the byways, in the backstreet alleys. That’s where the church is supposed to be!