Since the end of last year there has been an increase in momentum in the things of the spirit. There are many who have been through a very long Wilderness Season. They have endured adversity, isolation, being misunderstood, falsely accused and under-utilized. They have been stripped of their self-reliance, their pride, their need of validation from men, and their desire for renowned. They have no desire to impress men; but, to glorify God. They have had an encounter with the great “I AM” and as such their motivations have changed. They no longer need to perform, no longer see God as a Master to be pleased; but, a loving Father who has placed His fire within their hearts for humanity to come into the fullness of their identity.

The Lord says, “I have seen your secret toil. I have heard your cries. Now hear Mine, ‘Arise and I will empower you. Arise and leap into the future that I have ordained for you. I’ve seen your heart and I have given all you have need of to defeat the giants in the Land so you may enjoy the spoils of victory.’ I shall make your enemies provide the resources you need in this season and you will say, ‘Our enemy has poured abundance upon us. We have more due to war.’”

The Lord says, “I am opening new doors in the Season. They are doors of acceleration, doors of movement, doors of power, doors of great increase, doors to the supernatural. Doors to the new movement are now open. Do not waste the Doors I have opened to you. Do not waste these next 3 years. It is time to move with Me. Don’t look at the lack, at the giants, at the naysayer, Look to Me… Look to My Word… Look to My promise …”

The Lord says, “Was I not with Jacob?! Was I not with him in the night time?! Did I not speak to his identity, to his destiny in the night season?! Did I not protect him because of the seed I planted in him in the night season?! Did I not fulfill My promise to him?! Did I not watch over him wherever he went and bring him back to the promised land? Will I not do the same for you?! You carry destiny within you. Allow Me to guide you on the journey. Just as I found Jacob in the wilderness I found you there and it was I who encircled you, who protected you, who cared for you … Now Move with My Spirit in this Season and watch what I do through you! Now is your time to enter your Promised Land and contend with the giants of the Land. Shift your focus from the demonic (giants) to the dynamic… from the toil to the spoil… As you do your faith will be ever increasing. Set your face like a flint and move into your new levels of purpose and destiny.”

What you have endured and what you are about to contend for is not merely for you but for the Body of Christ and the world…

The Lord says, “Multiplied grace is being poured out in this Season. Bound souls shall be set free. Captives in heart will be delivered. My Spirit is on the move and this movement will be one of power, of passion, and of purity. I will back it with signs, wonders and miracles. These will be NEW miracles, unprecedented miracles, shifting atmospheres, climates, declaring harvests in drought ridden lands. The sound of rain has come and the abundance will now spring forth. It is the time to leap into your future, into your destined time of victory, of plenty, of purpose and destiny. The door is open run through it!!”