5782 / 2022

I will preface by saying that in 2021 I released a word from the Lord that spoke to His dealing with faulty foundations and twisted roots. As I have sought the Lord for 2022 I was led to Jude 20-22 and continued through 25.

‘But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

And on some have compassion, making a distinction; but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.

Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, To God our Savior, Who alone is wise, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever. Amen.’

I truly believe that this year will be a year of building upon the new foundations, the restored foundations, with our most holy faith in Christ Jesus. A year of tremendous shaking. A year of separation from all that defiles. A year of harvesting souls.

I also believe that as you continue reading 23-25 you see the impetus is Christ. This year will be a year where Christ will be our central focus and will need to be our focus as there are many things to come this year that will attempt to dislodge, distract, destroy our faith.

Having said that, throughout the month of August I have received several words regarding 2022 which culminated on Friday, August 27th, 2021 in which the Lord revealed so much, with regard to where we are now and where we are heading, it was quite overwhelming.

I pray that as you read and pray over these prophetic insights that the Holy Spirit speaks to you and brings confirmation and greater revelation to you as to your part in this next year. God bless.

The Bizarre

One of the first things the Lord said was, “There shall be bizarre signs in the heavens and in the earth. Strange and unusual signs in the skies, even in the seas, people will say, ‘What is this?!’ There shall be record breaking weather patterns and events that shall be called ‘unprecedented’, ‘historic’, ‘unimaginable’. They shall be one after another and these patterns and events are a sign in the natural of what is to come in the supernatural.”

“For I AM heralding a new call to My people and as they respond to this call, and align with My will, the Heaven’s will begin to open in new and unusual ways. For the Heavens shall open and create access points that will allow My people to move in unusual signs and wonders. Look to the skies for where you see these bizarre events know that this is a sign of things to come in these cities, in these locations, in these territories where My glory shall be made manifest in unprecedented, historic, and unimaginable ways. So heed the call, for I AM calling from Heaven.”

The Gateway Cities

As I continued to pray I saw what appeared to be tremendous doors, gateways, in the heavens open over specific cities and territories. As I continued to look I saw masses of people standing before these massive doors or gateways and I heard the Lord say, “I AM opening wide and effectual doors in this new era for My people.” But I also saw the Devourer standing at the entry to these gateways ready to devour what the Lord is releasing in this hour.

And the Lord said, “I AM opening this gateway of favor, of opportunity, for I AM unlocking My dunamis power within My people. Do not look at the Devourer standing at the gateway that is ready to steal what I have prepared for you. For this is a time to rise up and fight, this is not the time to turn back. For I AM pouring out My supernatural power over My people, over specific territories and regions, where My glory shall fall without measure. For in those places the Devourer thought he would defeat you, thought he would steal your future, thought he would destroy your destiny, but I say, ‘You shall walk in victory! For I have rebuked the Devour and you shall now devour him!”

As I pondered on this I believe there is coming a netting, much like a commercial fishing net, where the Lord is going to connect these Gateway Cities and people together to bring in the harvest of souls.

We are coming into a season of unprecedented favor, provision, mantles, and glory that will ebb and flow between these cities.
I also believe that is why the enemy has fought so hard the last 18 months to stop, to hinder, to derail the Lord’s plan by isolating, containing, silencing the masses. Because where these heavenly gateways open, whether over a person, a city, a territory, they will close the gateway to the demonic gateway and deliverance from the enemy.”

These supernatural gateways will also be the catalyst to the great transfer of wealth as prophesied would occur in the latter days. This is extremely important as there is coming a great economic shaking to the nations of the world, more on that below.

Get the Doubt Out

As I continued in prayer the Lord said, “My Word that has been inspired and authored by My Spirit has been reduced to that of being inspired by mere man. It has lost its significance, it’s weight, this has caused many to walk away, suffer unnecessarily, and become ineffective. They have no power to overcome.”

“My Word is powerful, it is alive, and it gives insight and direction of what the enemy’s plans are and how to defeat him. It is a mighty weapon against all his schemes and stops them before they are launched; it is a source of guidance, of wisdom and revelation.”

“My Word is the double-edged sword that has the power to destroy the very weapons the enemy uses to attack and defeat you. Open your mouth and declare it by faith for this always brings about great victory. Too many have left the sword of My Word sheathed and are fighting an enemy without a weapon, they are walking into their daily battles unarmed and wonder why they are being defeated.”

“This has only increased the inability of My people to truly receive from My Messengers, the prophets. They scoff and mock, they speak from a place of doubt and fear, not from faith.”

“My desire is that faith and hope would arise within My people. Stop agreeing with the fear. Get the Doubt Out. Why do you allow things like time and space, things in the natural, to dictate and keep you from what I have declared?!”

“Watch and See, for I have declared in My Word that I am the God that will restore the years the canker worm and the locusts have stolen. My prophet declared that nothing is too hard for Me!”

I say, “Get ready! Watch and See! For when I speak all of heaven and earth obeys! For I AM coming in might and power and shall release a roar that shall shake the nations and bring righteous judgment upon the earth.”

The Nations Vs The Kingdom

‘The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them; but th3 Lord laughs at the wicked, for He knows their Day is coming.’ Psalm 37:12-13

“For there are many world leaders with itching fingers, who are looking longingly at those nations who seem to be in a “Weakened State”, those who long to test their resolve and to destroy and conquer, both within and without. Know this! There are many within this nation who desire to See America fall. These men and women are conspiring with other nations, to see the utter destruction of America. These leader will overplay their hands and shall be brought into the Light. For I have drawn the line and that which has been done in secret shall be exposed and like cockroaches who scurry about when the lights are turned on so too shall these men and women try to run and hide, but no place shall be given them. For they cannot hide, there is no place that they can run, they cannot stop My justice that is coming.”

“For these things shall occur as the season begins to shift. For I hear the cries of many who have asked, ‘How long must we wait?!’ “Stop asking,” says the Lord, “‘When?!’ Get in agreement and say, ‘It is here, now!'”

“Stop looking from your limited perspective, get a heavenly perspective, for I see things and work from a place of eternity and a place of destiny. What I shall accomplish which requires much undoing, exposing and removing, and divine order from decades of corruption shall come to pass.”

“But who shall I send?! Who will go?! Who shall rise up with us?!”

This is not merely about America; all nations are being affected greatly by the onslaught of the enemy, bringing division, destruction, lies and despair. This is the time for My warring Bride to rise up and seek Me as never before. This is the time to gird up, get battle-ready. This is the time of unity and to become one.

And the Lord would say, “For the sword of My Spirit is being pulled from the sheath and I AM raising up men and women who shall walk in integrity and fulfill My mandate. The Word is growing in them, and by My Spirit, the enemy will be utterly defeated. My justice shall be done and shall set a precedent that will have reverberations throughout the nations of the world!”

Take heart and rejoice in the war! Recall the words of Daniel 2:21-22, as we watch the Lord take down the wicked and raise up the righteous, as He imparts wisdom and revelation, and expels the darkness by His glorious light!

“…Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are His. He changes times and seasons; He deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.” Daniel 2:20-22

And the Lord would say, “For this isn’t nation against nation, but of nations against My Kingdom! There is no authority, no power, greater than Mine and I have given My authority and My power to My Church! This is the time to go forth and heard my Kingdom message! For the Gospel I preached was of the Kingdom! No one shall stand opposed to Me and My Father’s will in this Day!”

The Delay is by Divine Design

As I was reflecting on these things, and still in a state of prayer, I saw different locations around the world and could see how much chaos and confusion, how much distress and destruction, the enemy has unleashed through yielded vessels. I could hear the cries and the prayers of God’s children from all over the world going up into the heavens as an incense offering.

Many were crying in despair over the loss of family members, the loss of finances, the loss of jobs, of houses, of dreams. It was such a foreboding sense of despair, heavy, dark, suffocating hopelessness.

As I began to weep, I sensed the enveloping, warm, embrace of the Spirit of God and immediately there was a lightness, a sense of strength, and joy.

I then heard the Lord say: “This is a time for My people to come under the shadow of My wings. Many of My children have forgotten that none of this has caught Me unaware.”

“What kind of a God would I be if I didn’t know the plans of the enemy?! What kind of God would I be if I didn’t have a plan for My children?!”

“Watch and see as in the days ahead I will arise, and My children with Me! For I have heard their cries and I will bring forth My strong arm of justice. Judgment will fall swiftly from Heaven on those who stubbornly refused to heed My warnings; for IAM God and well able to rescue you!”

“For I AM mighty to save and well equipped to turn what the enemy meant for harm and great evil around for your benefit and great good!

The Great Unveiling Continues

Early Saturday morning, as I sat in the presence of the Lord, I heard Him say, “So many people’s eyes are scaled over and unable to see the truth. Before the great unveiling occurs, I have had to peel back the layers of delusion and deception. Some have been awakened to the truth while others are still blinded to it. As more and more truth comes forth the light will be shown upon areas of deception, and they will see and understand. I AM going to shine the light into the darkest corners where wickedness has been hiding.”

“Then the great unveiling will happen, where all will see what has been hiding in the darkness. You will hear of things that will astound and repulse. You will hear reports of “Shock and Awe!”

For this is the time and the season where My righteousness and truth shall be established, and then a great season of peace will be set forth on your land by My hand. This is all coming very soon! You will not have to wait much longer.”

“Delay … I hear so many speaking of ‘delay’ … The delay is by Divine Design. This has been a time of preparation, a time of positioning, for the Promises I have declared over the Nations.”

“For many will see the heart of wickedness in those they trusted to lead and guide and they shall see how they have much blood on their hands. These leaders will not escape the scrutiny of a God who sees all. From the rooftops their wicked deeds will be revealed for all to see! My righteous judgment is coming quickly!”

For just as I defended, protected and restored David – I shall do it again!

Recompense is coming to all who have endured the injustice and false accusations of the wicked. I will mount a strong defense on behalf of them, because My remnant has placed their trust in Me, like David did! That which the evil doers tried to do to the righteous will fall upon the wicked.”

The Great Shaking to Come

The Lord showed me a replay of a vision and word I shared last year regarding a Great Shaking that is to come. As I was about to find this word from last year, I heard the Lord say, “Many are inquiring of who to listen to, of what is coming, of when things are going to occur, of where things are headed. Tell My people, ‘This is a time to seek Me as never before. I assure you the day of “Peace” is soon to come, but first there shall be a Great Shaking that shall effect the whole earth.

This is to prepare the great transfer of wealth and to establish My government. All that can be shaken will be. Some would say, “Haven’t we gone through a shaking?!” I say, ‘Yes. There have been many shakings, these have been to prepare My people for what is coming’.”

“Everything that that is not rooted in truth will be shaken out of the government and out of the places and people of influence, of wealth, of power.”

“Hold fast to Me during this great shaking for after the shaking will come a season of peace. Even now allow the refreshing wind of My Spirit to come upon you and those who stay sheltered in My embrace.”

“Remember, after the Great Shaking a time of Great Peace shall fall upon the earth and shall be seen and felt by all!”

The Great Shaking Shall Bring Forth a Great Harvest

As the Lord continued to speak, I saw myself and the Lord in a boat. It looked like a boat that would have been used in the times He walked the earth.

As we sat in this boat, I sensed we were there to fish, but we had no poles or nets. As we continued to sit the Lord sensing my uncertainty said, “Rest and simply enjoy being with Me.”

After some time passed, I am unsure how long, a fish jumped into the boat and then another, and another. In what seemed like now minutes the boat was teaming with fish that had simply jumped into the boat.

The Lord said, “This is a how easy the harvest of souls will be that will soon be upon us.”

“For this time of shaking is by My hand and it shall bring in the great end time harvest of souls. They will be brought into My Kingdom during this time of upheaval for they do not have My life nor peace in them , but they will come alive once they are submersed in My Spirit.”

Great Reversals

“During the Great Shaking and while the Great Harvest occurs there shall be a time of Removals, Reversals, and Restoration that shall take place. For this is and New Era and it commands My new agenda to come forth!”

“For all that My Father has designed and desired and declared shall come forth in this era: Days of glory! Days of greatness! Days when many will experience supernatural encounters, many will experience visitations of Heaven, many will experience miracles like never before, for My glory shall be poured out upon all mankind!”

“The word Repentance will be no longer be a bygone word, but shall be commonplace among My children. As the wicked are exposed and My glory revealed, many will run into My open arms, and repent. Tears of sorrow will be turned to tears of joy, as My love, My forgiveness, and My grace pours out upon them and with it great restoration and deliverance shall spring forth.”
“The nations shall be blanketed with My glory, and all the benefits held in My glory will be granted to those who run to Me, but not so for those who run from Me.”

“For those who come to Me shall experience My restoring power. My complete acceptance, complete forgiveness, complete restoration of destinies, relationships healed, purpose and productivity, as well as prosperity, shall be granted to them.”

Church Will Never Be the Same

One finally thing the Lord revealed was during and after this Great Shaking, Church will never be the same!

For the Lord’s glory will invade the places where He is truly worshiped. There are many “mega-churches” that shall be shaken to the ground while other churches will flourish. His glory shall be found within the walls of the Church, within the walls of homes, and within the walls of industry; but, His glory shall also be found within the walls of bars, hospitals, and arenas. His glory shall also be found outside the walls on the streets as well, from Main St to Wall St, from Madison Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue, His glory shall fall. Entire cities will experience the glory of God.

For the Lord would say, “Once My glory falls and My fire is kindled within the hearts of man, no one will settle for anything less. Church will never be the same, once My glory invades this earth!”