Firestarter Ministries International has partnered with Crisis Response International since 2011.

We have had the opportunity to assist communities in the United States and abroad who are experiencing the most dire of circumstances. CRI was birthed from one of the most horrific events in U.S. history. While involved in the motion pictures industry in New York, CRI Founder and Director, Sean Malone had a front row seat at Ground Zero after the attacks  on 9/11 where he provided lighting for the search and rescue operations. This is where the seeds for being involved in crisis response work were planted. In 2007 he officially launched Crisis Response International, and since then CRI has trained thousands of Responders to reach the Harvest in the midst of crisis. 


Today, Crisis Response International has trained and mobilized over 3,500 Crisis Responders into the harvest field of crisis, but the work is far from over. More people need to be trained. More missionaries need to be supported. The unfinished task of the Gospel in all nations is before us. Crisis and disasters are shaking cities and nations and our belief is it won’t stop until the return of Christ. Yet at the same time we believe this is the church’s greatest hour. We have the Answer and Hope the rest of the world is looking for, yet our voice has not been heard as clear as it needs to and should be. But there’s hope.

CRI exists to provide a model and framework for effective ministry in the midst of state, national and international disaster.

Sean Malone, founder and director of Crisis Response International is available to speak and inspire your church, community group or network to engage in the work of missions, preparedness, creating communities of refuge, stepping out in evangelism, leadership, international relief ministry and much more. Sean’s story and work have been featured in major Christian publications including Charisma, Christian Post, Gospel Herald and the Elijah List, among others. We’d count it a joy and an honor to share with your church or community group. If you would like to connect with CRI click the button.

Everything and everyone who responds to the call when disaster strikes does so as volunteers and at great expense, having to pay for travel, food, and supplies. So when you partner with Firestarter Ministries International you are also helping us make an impact through this incredible organization.


For more information about CRI and how you may become involved in this ministry, please click below.